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Jan 28 2009 by MoRing
A thought that always to comes to my mind when I read this argument is in regards to the multitude of disability that is not genetic or determined prior to the 24 week mark.  What about the children with autism, cerebral palsay, etc?  There are no garuntees in life period.  If the parents were told prenatally that their children had these other conditions would these children be terminated too?  And let's not stop there.  Just because a child makes it to age 5 without any developmental delays, this doesn't mean he or she won't have severe health challenges or that they won't become criminal - a fate more disappointing, I would imagine.  I chose not to have any prenatel blood tests to reveal genitic markers on my daughter, because I was afraid of the information, yes, but I knew that it would not have changed the outcome of the pregnancy.