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Sophie Kanter

I am a vegan living in DC. I love to cook and I aspire to be a vegan baker or chef. I chronicle my cooking, gardening, and travel adventures on my blog. Hope you enjoy reading!
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That's my jam

I've been wanting to experiment with canning things for a while, and I thought I'd start with making jam.  Lots of delicious fruits are coming in...

European adventures

So the past few weeks I have actually been in Europe. I meant to do a pre-post about it, but I hadn't been cooking much so I didn't have much to...

It's about that time

The past few weeks have been a total spring tease. Lately it's just been rainy & cloudy. But rain is good! It makes the plants grow. I just wish...

Food + music

As promised, another post. The reason I knew I would be able to churn out another update so quickly is because I hosted a really fun food...

Oh yes.

Spring: check. Things are definitely progressing towards that wonderful warm season. All sorts of flowers are bursting forth from the ground...

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