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I am 60, 5'6", 267 lbs.  Have bad lower back pain, impinged nerve from c-6 vertebrae down left arm and hand.  Left hand goes numb.  Arthritis in hands and legs and carpal tunnel syndrome.  I need quit smoking for out of breath easily.  Trying lose weight and eat healthy.  Leg ankle is swollen and leg is red.  Am a Christian, and finishing Early Childhood Education degree online at Kaplan.  Have a rescue cat named Kit Kat.  Sing, play piano and... Full Bio
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I have small, red, itchy spots on hands and arms and when scratched break sin and scap what is this? by songbird72 Posted in: Questions & Answers in Allergies It began about 2 weeks ago.  I get small, round itchy spots with pinpoint in middle on my hands and arms.  They itch terribly and when scratched, the skin breaks and blood sho ... Read on »