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Sondra .. Patient Expert

San Diego, California
I'm a Certified Parent Educator and Marketing Consultant, living and working in San Diego and... Full Bio
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San antonio, Texas
I'm 43, married and have 3 dogs.  I am soft bipolar and have degenerative disc disease. I was diagnosed with both of these illnesses around the year 2009. Because of my back pain I have not been able to work, this year 2010 I have been feeling better with the help of Bikram Yoga and Shiatsu Massage Therapy. I am no longer in denial and taking control of my life and moving forward. It has...


Cutler, California
I'm a mother of 4 childeren and I my daughter of 22 and 3 boys 20,18,16. I also have 1 grandchild of 16 months "he's my angel". I'm divorsed and still trying to deal with all pain.  I WILL GET THOUGHT THIS!!!!

Gunnar W.

Ashland, Wisconsin
Just an average guy, with 2 beautiful daughters, 2006 & 2008. Try to stay busy learning, playing tennis and my guitar, watchin movies. My daughters mother and I have been apart since june 2008, and its starting to get difficult. I'd much prefer quality companionship than complete freedom. I have a lot more to say, and big, open ears, so if u're interested, give a shout.


I am 31 years old, working mother of a one gorgeous daughter. i live in Iraq. I like writing, reading, and studying, and I am a master student recently. I graduated of Veterinary medicine and I worked for 3 years in a pharmaceutical industries. Since over 5 years, I added another specialty, and I am a professional Business Planning analyst as I am working in this field now. Love to refresh...
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