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Sep 19 2009 by Somesh Guliyani
with dieting disorders, i got anal fissure resulted into external haematoma. The pulpy blood clotted in outer lip like structure of anal but doctor suggested me not to get operate as it would not cause serious problem as fissure has been cured. But i am in suspicion would this swollen lip (filled with blood) result into bad thing. Do i need to get it pinched to get the waste blood out as it still re-occurs whenever i get constipation but never pains 
Sep 19 2009 by Somesh Guliyani
i am 26 masturbating since i teenage. At 17, i got injured one of my blue balls/testicles by masturbating in a wrong way laynig on a hard bed from stomach side. the left side ball feels crushed . It did pain for two weeks but never thereafter i am still masturbating, biking, cycling, running, sprinting. Can it create some serious problem or suggest me something that would be better


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