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Two reasons the system trapped in Barcelona

Posted Feb 04 2013 3:43am
No team will always go on to win, failure will always come, this is the first defeat in the league after losing to Real Sociedad, Vilanova the voice of the words, draw with Valencia in early this morning whether interim coach Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, or defender Alves draw at the Mestalla, absolutely acceptable, despite the all clear Barcelona want to win in Valencia how difficult, but this morning's game, Barcelona outletisabelmarantstore does level some fluke and embarrassed Lula manufacturer after the game will be a draw to blame fatigue, coach of behalf of the class is the tired it?

Mourinho to Real Madrid 0-1 loss to Granada not accused weeks in those players to participate in the King's Cup, because even the Portuguese are well aware, a national derby consumption players what it means to get Lula arrangements 11 starts after today, the daily sports newspaper Live members said no rotation, no Villa, Thiago, Adriano, only Maas Chela Novo Valdes returned to the starting.

Barcelona football need energy and stamina, energy is responsible for thinking, responsible for supporting physical, but obviously in this morning Mestalla, both striker Lionel Messi still midfielder Xavi and Iniesta or the line of defense of Pique and Alves, in addition to the rotation debut Valdes and return to the Mestalla Alba, Barcelona team showed enough concentration of attention, which explains Messi why the audience only 2 shots which there once was a penalty, and also explains why in the 89th minute, Pique in the danger zone Sissoko steals.

The beginning of the season, Vilanova adhere to the large-scale rotation policy, league top 11 does not appear exactly the same starting lineup, on the one hand by the forced too many injuries the team's frustration, on the other hand is also Vilanova inspire choice of team morale, but apparently the assistant coach Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has not this bold, full match Barcelona possession rate of more than 6 percent, but shot only 10 times, warfare Leipzig, only Pedro Luo shot is over, World Sports Daily conclusion is lost edge, Barcelona attack lack of decisiveness.

Of course, in addition to physical factors, Valencia indeed a formidable opponent, although in the past five years, Barcelona has never lost in the Mestalla, but no matter win or a draw looked very tough in this aspects of Valencia, Espanyol and Atletico Madrid have similarities against Barcelona always inspire greater morale bat Legion, in addition to have to emphasis Valverde credit, although only fire-fighting coach of Valencia, but Barr Wade nine times in his career against Barcelona achieved record 1 wins, six draws and two defeats, Mourinho grams Barcelona? Portuguese lose the screenings can than Valverde a lot to take advantage of Barcelona's physical deficit, rapid steals + quick counterattack, as much as possible try to Leipzig Valverde set of tactics for Valencia, the whole game bat Corps completed a total of 17 shots, but create their season high.

La Liga Harding Park has 22, leading the second advantage of Atletico Madrid Barcelona draw with Valencia after only nine points, and increased uncertainty about the future, as the Champions League knockout approaching, rotation has become the coaching staff must consider things, not Barcelona's nemesis, Valencia, Barcelona real enemy is only himself, how to keep the hunger and freshness of victory, in this regard Lula still better than no genuine coach Bela Nova, but the bad news is, Villanova returned to the end of March to. It is composed by naelitesoccers 02.04.2013 Tag:
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