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Tomato face again! woo hoo

Posted Aug 17 2009 12:00am

Hey everyone,

Excuse the double post, but I just had to write about a couple of things that happened today. First of remember this face?? Thats right my work-out face....God knows I haven't been this red in bloody ages!!! I went for my second session at Running Room....omg guys! My life flashed before my eyes towards the (no I'm not dramatic at all). Seriously though it was SOO hard this time...I really, really need to do the practice runs during the week because it seriously kicked my butt today. We did one min of walking and one min of running 10 times. Nothing right, but I was struggling. I think it was a tad worse, because it was also REALLY hot today and I was chatting with a few of my fellow runners on the way. The coach actually made us turn and introduce ourselves to people next to us. So cool...I love meeting new people. I met the loveliest little man from England and we just totally know how it is sometimes? Anyway...yay Running Room! yet again I support it whole-heartedly!!

Before Running Room I stopped by an awesome new Asian supermarket where you can buy all kinds of random foods that you would have a hard time finding in other places. After eating that sushi today, I started thinking...why can't I make edamame and seaweed salad myself??? I went and what did I find?? A load of yummy goodness!

I not only found Edamame and the Wakame Seaweed for the salad, but I also found Enoki mushrooms!! Yay...memories of Japan. I am going to experiment with these products this week so watch out for that!
I figure hey....if I have yummy snacks on hand I'll eat them...the problem is sometimes I am a total sloth and couldn't be bothered...well guess what, sloths don't lose I gotta suck it up...its actu
ally sorta exciting to be honest. I'm getting those old feelings of enjoying cooking again.
I also wanted to show you my dinner tonight. I got home pretty late...8:30 which is way past when I normally eat. Rather than picking something up..which is so much easier...I instead decided to make a really quick stir-fry...literally you throw a bunch of veggies into a wok. Pour some stock into the pan and a bit of soy sauce and literally voila! It's surprisingly tasty. Today I also added some tofu and it was great. This is a really low point and healthy meal. This is also pretty quick to make. I usually keep pre-cut frozen veggies in the freezer.

I know that I'm on track when I measure my food. I'm back to my usual half-cup of rice which always seems like nothing when I'm just starting out again, but is just enough. Something I've definitely learned over the past few months is...its not just what I eat, its how much I eat. Anyway, so YAY! I feel a lot better. Today was So hard that I know I really need to run during the week. I wonder how it'll be on my own....scary!!
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