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This ze horse:nike ctr360 maestri iii Mr Is real Madrid, less pressing

Posted Nov 20 2012 7:15am

This ze horse:nike ctr360 maestri iii Mr Is real Madrid, less pressing
Real Madrid this week three will travel to yidi ha DE stadium challenge Manchester city, this ze horse believes that his teammates, France's will is less pressing real Madrid.

If real Madrid win, they will direct line. If real Madrid lose, then Manchester city there is a ray of vitality.

Real Madrid star this ze horse said: nike ctr360 iii"I am understand, accept, he is a very dangerous player. Manchester city have a lot of good players, but I am in France and nano sri together training, competition, I know he will be our mind disaster. We hope to win a game, but accept sri such player is we win on the road of huge obstacle."

Manchester city in the group stage almost the first round at the bernabeu an unexpected winner came out, they made a 3-pointer with 5 minutes is still in the lead, but two final stage goal turn the game - including cristiano ronaldo scored victory over the goal. Manchester city since then in the champions league on crippled, but this ze horse thinks visit Manchester remains very difficult. This ze horse said: "in Madrid that game is very hard, I know this is also so. nike ctr360 maestri iii Manchester city look line hope is frail, but in the world of football, what things could happen. They have some of the world's top players, and their fans will hope they line, but for a team, training for the champions league inside information takes time. I think they will become stronger next year."

This ze horse in 2009 rejected Manchester united come to real Madrid. Win the Spanish champions last season he was obviously not regret the decision. He said: "last season with real Madrid win let I tasted the taste of victory."

Now he and real Madrid in Europe together to pursue their honor. And they have a know how to win the honor coach, jose mourinho in 2004 and 2010, respectively with fc Porto and international milan to win the champions league. This ze horse said: "we are very lucky to have nearly 10 years of Europe's most successful coach. He has take two team won the champions league, I know how much he wants to real Madrid it again."

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