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Stramaccioni: Inter Milan youth academy have begun to show results

Posted Nov 23 2012 5:57am
The group stage of your respective European Union, Inter Milan away 0-3 defeat to Rubin Kazan, but following the game Nerazzurri Marshal still delighted by the performance with the team, expressed his thanks and praise for Mourinho, perhaps even Corey Graham Jerseys won lessons with reportersjoking.

We fully deserved a draw. That is Stramaccioni's opening remarks against Kazan match press conference. Stramaccioni said: At this moment, I still feel incredible, I cannot think you are covering become such a result. Guest Kazan is never easy, boys 70 minutes to tackle extremely well. Sent several a little daughter teenager, ever since i took over, nine players from Inter Milan youth academy completed initial show our youth strategy is very fruitful, our starting lineup should be only 22 yr old, and with Italy When it comes to football is undoubtedly good.

Home against Atlanta and Cagliari game, we afford the opponents several chances, but our defense decided not to a huge amount of flawed, Belec up until 86 minutes are almost never touched the ball, in several, we simply accept the dwelling of one's game now, you will depart to return to Italy, our own energy for the game against Parma.

On the the Ranocchia end, Stramaccioni revealed: He didnrrrt want Anquan Boldin Jerseys to adopt risk of harm, when he felt tense muscles, they immediately create rational choice, he substituted Where a reporter mentioned Mourinho his praise and encouragement (Mourinho hopes Manchester Rama Johnny Inter another time be described as a the Ever Victorious division, perhaps even won the Champions Trophy), Manchester Rama Johnny said: He really as said it? able coach he previously had to create team of history is an honor, i want to be rrn a position to fulfill his expectations.

When a reporter required to Manchester Rama Johnny would choose against Parma on Monday as to what position Spectators (Stramaccioni protesting against Cagliari the referee game suspension), Inter Marshal ridicule avoided this inquiry: Do you not feel as if a break down 0-3 defeat, I am fired for doing this? It is composed by ravensfantastic 11.23.2012 Tag: Jimmy Smith JerseysJameel McClain Jerseys
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