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Soccer Camps are Amazing

Posted by Megan T.

I played soccer all of my life and still continue to play as often as I can. I highly reccomend joining a club team in the area if you want to get really good. AYSO can only take a person so far sometimes. I used to play AYSO just for fun, and then play CYSO in order to become a really good player... Stanford University has a really good soccer camp as does Santa Clara University! Additionally, Tony Igwe has an amazing soccer camp through World Ambassador Soccer Association (WASA) -- if you are really serious about soccer, he is the man who can help you become the best!
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Past Xmas I was looking for a soccer gift and came across this fabulous web site. It offers a lot of training aids, tapes and information that you may find useful.
they only give out the old aids,but if u want to be the best is up to u to be the best.
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