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Serie A - Juventus 1-1 lead six minutes

Posted Mar 02 2013 7:38am
The Serie 27 will expand first contest, this is also the main target of this round battle league leaders Juventus guest Sao Paulo stadium challenge Napoli. 90 minutes of warfare, Naples 1-1 draw with Juventus, Chiellini Bianconeri opened the scoring around the first half, the end of the very first half ago and Le long-range equalizer. Juventus nearly eight times without victory in the home in Sao Paulo, both equally sides continue to maintain a gap of six points.

Naples with Juventus, at all times . greater than 147 encounters, Naples 31 wins, 49 draws and 61 losses completely disadvantage. But the devil at your home in Naples, Azzurri Zeyi 23 wins, 28 draws and 21 offers a slight edge. Either side as a beginner this halloween season played against Juventus beat 2-0 at-home to Naples. However Bianconeri would like to win away is not easy, since 2000 after not provided in Naples, home of victory, nearly seven times two of the sides played against in Sao Paulo stadium, Naples unbeaten.

Chiellini prior to a suspect aren't able to play bingo surprises can be found in Juve's starting lineup, he composed Oakley Sunglasses DUPO5796 Juve's strongest selection of defense and Bonucci, Barzagli. Not within the frontcourt, Juventus striker Vucinic and Giovinco combination apparently Conti gave atomic ant enough trust. What the heck is surprising will be Peluso to replace Asamoah starting left avant-garde position, said the Naples fans hit Juve coach, around reporters with stones shattered glass around Asamoah, Ghana frightened, Conti was provisional decision use Peluso. Naples aspects striker Cavani as about starting Pandev is his partner.

A sluggish start the game play just A few moments, Naples on almost break the doorway of Juve Pandev in the right front Bigfoot Xiezhuan Hamsik restricted area right Qiuhou volley the ball high beams flying out. 6th minute, midfielder Vucinic sent Zhise, the Giovinco Qiuhou ball broke into your restricted area kicker hit the door, De Sanctis saved the ball. Twenty minutes, Juve made leading Pirlo left front bottom cross & Chiellini goal post leaping header, the ball fly gain lower right corner of your door, 0-1.

Grabbing both very intense 12 minutes, thanks to Le tipped Lichtsteiner from the penalty area, the referee said no. 15 minutes in advance of the games vidal send Bigfoot Oakley Sunglasses DUYTIU83 cross & Vucinic header in the center watching the angle sizing positive, the ball De Sanctis confiscated. 19 minutes, Juve hit back, vidal large area left cross knock Vucinic left goal post before just one possible opportunity to even hit the ball in the hands of De Sanctis! Juventus missed an ideal possiblity to expand charge.

23 minutes Le then zuniga the ideal cross the frontier closed place to select long shots blocked. 29 minutes, due to Le regressive defensive elbow bumped out his teammates Britos, the sport went into suspended. 35 minutes Naples corner kick opportunities, Zuniga pass the ball to Hamsik, the Slovaks direct kicker through the center, the ball is blocked after Buffon confiscated. 43 minutes, Zuniga ball knock back mid-way, directly as a result of Le frontier closed area long-range kicker following on from the ball Bonucci Cengdao fly net nest. 1-1. The main 45 minutes, Cavani elbow Chiellini booked. Your initial half, each sides drew 1-1.

Ex situ battles through the partner, 48 minutes left using the bottom cross & Giovinco frontcourt, the Lichtsteiner front to your opponent miss pointing opportunity. 58 minutes a cross, sent Ray-Ban Sunglasses DPPO4846 Inler frontcourt the The Hamsik top of ball directly Chuangtzu door, the ball fell down by Buffon saved Juve escaped. 67th minute, Pirlo prior to an game ball for the Vucinic, Montenegro chose direct long-range kicker, De Sanctis rushed the ball after income arms.

73 minutes, macho to the right underneath the bottom Bigfoot cross & Cavani header out of the center while in front of Buffon rapid response saved the ball net profit. 82 minutes the the vidal right sent Zhise, Lichtsteiner quickly inserted at the right side on the restricted area directly hit the actual, the ball flying away from the right side of one's column. 87 minutes, Peluso frontcourt tipped Cavani, Napoli prior to a games kick opportunity Uruguayan personally kick directly hit the threshold, the the ball high beams flying out.

1 hour 30 minutes of warfare, Naples 1-1 draw with Juventus, Chiellini Bianconeri opened the scoring within the first half, get rid of the pioneer half ago and Le long-range equalizer. Juventus nearly eight times without victory inside your home in Sao Paulo. Both of them sides continue to keep possess a gap of 6 points.

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