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Rockets assistant parse book ho Cheap Real Madrid Home Shirt Why downturn: he unable to play no ball

Posted Nov 24 2012 3:20am

The rocket in the home more than 89 to 93 victory over the Bulls to terminate a three-game losing streak. Win this game, the Rockets finally avoid the first encounter since the end of April this year, four-game losing streak, while the Bulls are unfortunately suffered three straight, which they suffered three straight for the first time since March 2010. [More] the first 12 games of the new season, Jeremy Lin averaged only 10 points and six assists, in some respects, the rocket is very satisfied with his performance. For example, he is very active on the defensive end, can rebound, pushing rhythm playing counterattack around Harden plays the role of the other organizers. For example, he assists enhance, averaging turnovers decline. Only in shooting Jeremy Lin struggled, so far he hit only 33%, three-point percentage is only 22.9%. Lin crazy "the most popular one moment, the Knicks usually the by Jeremy Lin Zhong ball, at his side with a group of shooters, especially in one-third of the marksman Novak. The rockets usually the case with the two inside with appearances, offensive initiative also Harden in the hands, pick-and-roll initiated point usually Harden, Jeremy Lin can only wait for an opportunity in the flank. "The New York Dermontti Dawson Nike Elite Jersey Knicks, the ball will always be control in the hands of Jeremy Lin," Finch analysis into a downturn, Jeremy Lin said, "He is a big scene, Mr., he can hit the important goals, he is also eager to do so, but in our offensive system, I think the ability to affect his confidence and make him make shots no way to play ball between players transfer more, he can not always play to the rhythm Knicks. Jeremy Lin admitted that he has not yet entered into a rhythm, he admitted that sometimes he would like a little more. Jeremy Lin said: "Every time I want to make the right decisions, every game I want to play outstanding performance, but sometimes I think too much, it will instead be counterproductive and I'm still learning to pinpoint the balance, more close to achieving the goals I want to achieve. "because of poor performance, Jeremy Lin is being questioned, especially this summer, he signed with the Rockets a three-year, $ 25.1 million of fertilizer about this contract has also become a challenge have questioned his the handle. Jeremy Lin said: "overvalued or I do not care, I just want to play to their potential. Performance is good or bad, there Cheap Arsenal Shirts is always a lot of people look in the eyes, they will express their views, I have to accept the reality and adapt to this Point Thunder center Kendrick Perkins said he recently enjoyed defensive players, especially those who love scoring point guard, which can stimulate the state of his game. Thunder coach also allow Perkins to do so, because he has in this regard the ability, but Perkins said that he would not keep doing this. played Celtic Thunder tomorrow upcoming Rondo, Perkins, the game is his face former team the opportunity to take into account this season Perkins several times in the race to defend the opposing point guard in the game may appear Perkins to defend his good friend Rondo screen "I want them to lose their rhythm. "Perkins explains. Perkins said he was in the race to defend the opposing point guard can help him to inspire personal inner power." I kind of like to do so, do these make me feel very excited, "Pa Hopkins admitted, "Thunder assistant Maurice Cheeks always want to fight me, he always said, 'you are a big player, but in fact you've wanted to be a guard, is this? 'But to do so I will always be Gerard Pique Barcelona 2012-2013 Shirt very excited, because this is a challenge, help to let me into the game. "Of course, Perkins said he would not do so Rondo, both of whom relations are very good friends the other hand, Perkins's defense are used in the body of the guard good score, rather than Only major fight organizations, mainly like ball point guard who comes to pass, no one is better at than Rondo, and his 35 consecutive game assists on double in NBA history, more than he two people: Magic Johnson (46 games) - John Stockton (37 games). "I really do not intend to and Rondo bit," Perkins said, "You must have a choice. Those trying to pass first, trying to organize an offensive guard you have to make concessions, but those scoring guard almost the objects you want to select, because then you can destroy their personal attack ... "For Thunder coach Brooks is concerned, he is not against Perkins do so Although Perkins is one of the best post defense in the league, but to defend the guard also Brooks allowable range, because he thinks Perkins this ability. "Perkins anti smaller players," Brooks said with a smile, "Perkins good at this, he likes to do, he has such a Cameron Heyward Steelers #1 Black Jersey toughness, this mentality. If he was they got points, which will not undermine his performance, he will come back the next round, and strive to anti-live guy. "What makes the defense of Perkins? The one hand, he's a dirty little trick, on the other hand is his lateral movement, as opposed to a big player for his slide in this regard is very rapid, which is the basic elements of the defensive perimeter players. "if a team's point guard the ball control in the hands of 24 seconds, then for them, which is obviously not a good thing," Brooks said, "When we do that, This is not a good thing, in the same way, the opponent is also true ... you want to try to undermine their mobility, we want to surprise, to see if you can change their offensive. "Bryant said him play fundamental point is not tired score what are jump shot, do not need laborious somewhat brainer touches guest star point guard, but he believes that to Nash came back, he would not need to do these things , then the game will be more easily for him. Bryant what when retired always seemed particularly interesting topic, because Bryant looks is always been crushed Monster Beats NBA Teams look. His driver's license says he was already 34 years old, but his pitch data than some of his younger than his 10-year-old players are much more impressive: Sports Images | View Atlas | (1/22) forwarded to micro Brocade than bite jersey November 22, 2012, the NBA regular season, the Lakers challenge King, Bryant played 39 minutes, 11 of 20 shots, including threes 9 5 free throws 13, 11, scored 38 points, At the same time there have been seven turnovers. Ci Shiping scored 13 points, Dwight Howard contributed only 7 points, 9 rebounds, and Gasol also only get 8 points and 9 rebounds, 4 assists, and the final the Lakers 97-113 loss to the king. Averaging 27.3 points, ranking first in the NBA, shooting 53.1%, even more than his career field shooting 45.3% still outstanding. In addition, Bryant also averaged 5.3 rebounds and 5.2 assists for Houston. In the case of two main Lakers point guard Steve Nash and Blake are sidelined through injury, the Bryant cameo point guard performance is worth recognition. But Bryant does not mind these comments. "To be honest, and you say, I am not particularly serious investment in the work, I did not particularly hard," Bryant said, "I scored the ball Cheap Evans Manchester United Home Shirt 2012-13 is to be dropped into those jumper jumper fees you do not need too of energy. "Let me ball over half organized attack, that sort of thing makes me more energy costs Nash came back, you do not need it when he came back, I do not need to do these things that time game for me and even become more simple. "Nash left leg subtle fractures truce has been in since November 1, he has not been playing. Before Nash worked in the sun and Dantoni coach four seasons, Nash the of Dantoni offensive system is the most perfect organizer. Of course, this may be Nash's offensive, but it is Bryant's team. "Our offensive, when Nash to organize, it seems there should be a number of different, he is most adept in this regard, I am very much looking forward to," D'Antoni said. This will undermine the recent Kobe play? "We will always be playing from Bryant," D'Antoni said, "If the change occurs, we will sit down and talk, and then change back, because the performance of Bryant called the best, I see the best ever seen him play since Bryant is not the best and tied for the best. truly let the game move in with him. "

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