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Reviews, reviews and MORE reviews!!

Posted Nov 07 2009 12:00am

YAY! Its the are you guys? Great I hope:)

So yesterday I skipped my morning work-out because I was really exhausted.  I had worked out 4 mornings in a row so I figured a rest day was in order.  It's funny...when I don't work out I feel even more tired during the day.  Despite sleeping in, I had an hour long nap when I got home yesterday.  Fridays are just so exhausting.

Today my bf and I decided to make it to third one this week!!! I figure the faster I build up some muscle, the sooner my metabolism will get going! The weekend class is an extra 10 mins...holy crap.  What a workout!  So so hard...but at the end I felt good.  I did something that I've NEVER done before....I stayed for a second class.  Bodyattack is right after Bodypump so I decided to try it out.

So how was it?? Well....super hard BUT super fun too.  This is a really high impact class.  You're jumping all over the place for most of the time.  They do cool things like run around the room....I was different, but I really liked it! Sadly my ankle didn't like it.  This is my first high impact exercise since the ankle got hurt and it definitely is not 100% better.  I'm going to have to skip it until its a lot better because I couldn't work-out as hard as I would have liked.  Either one...ANOTHER awesome good-life class! I'd say its a small step below Step class in terms of difficulty.  Definitely one of my new favourites!

As you know I have set a goal of reaching 149 pounds for the new year.  This is a lofty goal, but not impossible...and hell even if I don't reach that exactly, anywhere close would be so nice!!   Well...that kind of number takes work...a lot of work.  So I've been super dedicated this week.  I'm hoping as I see results it'll keep me as motivated as possible!  Monday is my first weigh-in with my new membership to WW and I'm hoping for a great result! Wish me luck!


I wanted to let you know how the Vitaptop tests are going....I love all vitatops...(when they are heated and served with something yummy, but some flavours are better than others)

I dunno man...a bit too minty.  It was a bit too overwhelming...still not bad, but not my fave.

Good, but the peanut butter taste isn't all that strong.  I'd prefer a little more...regardless...good

9/10 the slight banana taste...not too overwhelming...perfect! My fave so far

Lol...ok enough hijinkery! I got report cards to write!

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