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Preview: Cheap Barcelona Shirt Lazio VS Rome grams of God PK Totti Zeman Derby 4-game losing streak

Posted Nov 10 2012 7:07am

Lazio and Rome this weekend to usher in the season's first leg of the derby. Since the start of the new season, Lazio record is good, but the recent state of decline. Zeman-Rome sharp attack, defensive instability. At present, the Roman defense is still running them. In 12 Serie focus of a battle, Lazio and Rome usher in the season's first leg of the derby. Lazio recent two defeats in the league a flat underachievement, also run-of which the defense of Rome. Aspect One: the new season of Lazio impressive record, Roman defense is still little run-in Lotito recent seasons Lazio investment, but he managed to retain 埃尔南内斯 core players, supplemented by veteran Crowe Ze, Lazio set of stable lineup Serie very competitive. Since the start of the new season, Petkovic took office, successfully activated 埃尔南内斯 Candreva two tiger. Former the eight League, Lazio 6 wins, 0 draws and two defeats, Juventus came out on top was only 4 points. Lazio two negative 1 level poor record in the last three league games. However, the European League in New Football Shirt midweek victory over Panathinaikos, Lazio show a good state, Kozak two goals. Since the start of the new season, Rome Zeman led big play attacking football, but the defense not solid enough. So far, Rome in the case of less race a number of goals ranked Serie 1, Totti, Osvaldo and Lamela is also the most Serie A goals Trident. However, Zeman led lost the ball too much, to send troops deployment related mainly with his high defensive midfielder and undefended. Rome lost to Parma after the club once rumored interest in full-time coach training defensive. Against Palermo, Rome line of defense is improved significantly, with impressive results. In the face of the attack group led by Klose, Rome will usher in the test. Aspect Two: Totti PK Klose this season, the first leg of the Rome derby, Francesco Totti and Klose a contest. Totti was born in 1976, 36-year-old, 34-year-old Klose, who was born in 1978, two are each of the team's core players. Since the start of the new season, Totti 10 games, scored four goals. Cheap Liverpool Shirts However, Totti's largest Roman offensive system is not rattling in the goals, but the pass. The Totti sharp long pass full of imaginative heels, often bring unexpected Murder. Klose is the the Lazio striker number one offensive weapon. Since the start of the new season, Klose 10 games scored six goals, the fragile line of defense of Rome will usher in the test. Aspect Three: Roman defense newcomers play a leading role, De Rossi location of a hidden Roman defense several times since the start of the new season shuffle. Derby with Lazio Majinaosi and the Tricastin is expected to partner the main defender, Pires and balzaretti will breakdown the left and right sides. Goicochea sits goal. This is after 10 run-Zeman is the first choice in the defense line. Which Majinaosi Roman road loss to Juventus firmly installed in the main position, although only 18 years old, but he performed well. Remarkable confrontation with Di Natale, Denise and Borriello, Serie A's top center. Goicochea Stekelenburg injured after a good performance. In less than two games, Goicochea contributed KAGAWA Manchester United Away Shirt 2012-13 nine saves, the Stekelenburg 8 ? games game to put out only 25 times. From the technical characteristics, fast response and attack range Goicochea Bicester Mecklenburg more suitable for of Zeman high defensive system. Roman striker certainly sits by Lamela, Osvaldo and Francesco Totti. Which Lamela 10 games, scored seven goals in six goals in seven games, Osvaldo, Totti scored four goals, the Road attack line scoring ability do not have to worry about. Which Lamela Derby goal, six games in a row to score, consecutive scoring streak record beyond Totti et al. Compared to gradually running-forming defense, the biggest hidden trouble in Rome in midfield. De Rossi always 塔彻西迪斯 pushed winger could not come up with a top-level play, away from home against Parma, away against Juventus, De Rossi is the performance of one of the worst players. Against Lazio, De Rossi will be back, Roman, vice captain what a performance worthy of attention.塔彻西迪斯 good physique, straight ball quickly and decisively, great idea. However, 塔彻西迪斯 back chasing too slow. If Rome as a whole before the pressure Monster Beats Online Shop magnitude is too large, 塔彻西迪斯 shortcomings will be exposed. Florencio of Qi, Bradley and Pjanic to compete another location. Aspect Four: the Zeman single season had four lost derby Lazio and Rome this weekend, this Derby 172 times in the history of the Roman derby. First 171 Derby, Rome 63 wins, 60 draws and 48 losses, slightly better. However, the 1997/98 season, when Zeman led Rome writing club Derby history ignominy: lost all four games of the season derby. In the league, Rome has 1-3 and 0-2 loss to Lazio Rome two rounds; Italian Cup 1/4 finals, lost 1-4 and 1-2. This is also the the Rome derby single-season losing streak record. Lazio (attached the Rome Derby starters forecast and Huston: Lazio: Edson (injury), Schooley (forbidden) Rome: Labant (injury), Stekelenburg (injury), Gubeierdi (cut-off) 451): 22 - Makai Di / 29 - hole Branch, 20 - Biava, 3 - Diaz, 19 - Lulic / 87 - Candreva, 8 - 埃尔南内斯, 24 - Ryder Smarr, 15 - Gonzalez, 6 - Mauri / 11 - Klose Rome (433): 13 - Goicochea Cheap Monster Beats By Dr Dre Diamond Headphones Kobe Bryant / 23 - Pieris, 3 - Majinaosi, 5 - Tricastin, 42 - Balzaretti / 16 - De Rossi, 77 - 塔彻西迪斯, 48 - Florencia Qi / 8 - Lamela, 9 - Osvaldo, 10 - Tuo Diluo this, Van Persie led the Netherlands team list, Sneijder has not healed comeback not selected first elected to, Nova Fanjinkeer of Vitesse. The Dutch Football Association announced the 19-man squad Netherlands international match day in the next week's friendly against the German team. Van Persie, Robben star was selected to Sneijder just back from injury has not been formally comeback, not in the list. The list announced by coach Louis van Gaal, Van Persie, Robben, Van der Vaart, the Dutch players headed in the column, but the injury the rest of the nearly two months Sneijder just healed yet to back, and therefore does not appear in this list. And the German team's game, Van Gaal addition to Robben, Huntelaar to play in the Bundesliga, Elia, Afellay have also selected. In addition, De Jong, Mathijsen Bundesliga Jiujiang in the column.

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