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Pique: Barcelona on quarterly Cheap Manchester United Youth Shirts Shuai number one understands ball Emperor

Posted Nov 25 2012 7:54am

Pique admits his performance last season, Barcelona career worst year, while he believes that Guardiola is the number one understands ball Timor Pape understanding of football he admires. Last season, Pique once Mascherano snatched away the main position, his performance is not stable. In an interview with Marca, Pique admits that last season's performance is the worst year of his Barcelona career. But for his cold treatment Guardiola, Pique has no complaints, he Pape hailed as a football top understand ball Timor. "Marca": Pique praise melon Shuai number one understands ball Emperor. "Are perfect the first few years after the return to Barcelona, ??but in the fourth season, everything is completely different, it is the performance of the most in Barcelona poor season. "Pique said," Fortunately in the European Cup, my performance is fairly good performance on the pitch as usual, that there is less controversial sound I mature more. "skin g state of decline last season, with too many off-site events related. Since after fell in love and Shakira, Pique became entertainment star gossip media attention, so he had too much distraction on the sidelines. Today, Pique finally understand how to deal with this situation. "I still have the same group of friends, the same Super Bowl Champion Jersey family, private life of course there will be different, I do not think this is a hassle, but it was a little inconvenient." Pique continued, "In the beginning it is difficult, but once accustomed know how to cope with this situation Shakira has brought me a lot, she let me be more calm and collected. "For Guardiola, Pique sent to the number one understands ball Emperor's reputation:" I never thought that a one can be like him know the ball he got the Triple Crown, the six-time winner, 100 years of this kind of thing may not have the time this kind of thing will not happen again, because these people sooner or later we will leave. "red The Black Regiment upcoming World War the old woman, Berlusconi again airborne the Milanello bases for the players cheerily. In the interview with the media, the old shell admitted for the first time to compete with Manchester City Guardiola, at the same time deny Pato exchange Pakistan God. Beijing at 3:45 on November 26, 2012/13 Serie A season, 14 will be put on a highlight of Milan repeatedly frustrated the domestic arena will be home to challenge leaders Juventus. The Rossoneri upcoming World War the old woman, Berlusconi Cheap Manchester United Youth Shirts again airborne the Milanello bases for the players cheerily. In the interview with the media, the old shell admitted for the first time to compete with Manchester City Guardiola, at the same time deny Pato exchange Pakistan God. Gazzetta dello Sport: Berlusconi oath start to the new season with Manchester City wins melon Shuai Milan, Allegri has drawn questioned several times by the media outgoing message class. Berlusconi, Galliani two giants of the club after the Rossoneri home 1 3 Waterloo Florence, is urgently summoned Allegri talks. However, after careful consideration, the old shell ultimately make the decision to give up the coaching change, it also allows the Livorno people eating a reassurance. After a week in the Champions League group match away 3-1 defeat Anderlecht, the Rossoneri ahead of a round of 16 to the identity of the second group. Led his team locked in advance to the Champions League knockout seats also temporarily be relieved, Allegri to dump crisis, but that does not mean Livorno Since then sit back and relax. "Gazzetta dello Sport," the message said, according to Italian media, before Berlusconi called on the team to Milanello base, bluntly Guardiola is his favorite coach candidates. In an interview, the old Tony said: Rod Woodson Nike Elite #26 Yellow Jersey"Guardiola? Who do not want to get such a coach? But we have to face a lot of competition in the team's Premier League club Manchester City. Their management and melon Diao La good relationship, but we will make every effort to strive for, although this is very difficult. "as early as lost when the city derby in Milan, will be the media came Berlusconi Yuyao Guardiola replaced by A Lai Geli coached the Rossoneri message. The Spanish daily sports newspaper revealed that the old shell to Guardiola out an annual salary of € 6 million, four-year contract, inviting the champion coach went to the Milan coach. Now, in a media interview, Berlusconi finally himself admitted favor melon handsome side by side determined to fight to the Magic coach, presumably make red and black fans happy exception. But having said that, the Milan For Guardiola coach is not easy, because there are many wealthy Concerned about this championship coach Apart from them. The new season of Premier League upstarts Manchester City bad media that Blue Moon intends to invite Guardiola replace Mancini. It needs to be pointed out, Manchester City is building Barcelona to help new CEO Soriano as Vice-Chairman in Barcelona, ??the new football competent Cheap Monster Beats Steve Jobs txiki in Barcelona as football technical director, both were Guardiola at Barcelona when friends. If Mancini after class, Guardiola took the helm of the Italian great chance. In addition to the coaching change issues, most Berlusconi undoubtedly concerned his own son-in-law "Pato. Milan away to Anderlecht game to and Pato coming off the bench and has feats Milan: the bench battle soon cause other defensive players Nui DINK red, after the break in injury time to seal the victory. After the end of the game, the Brazilians Tucao his playing time to the media too little, and this "ultimatum" Milan transfer threat. However, Berlusconi is truly yourself the headache does not come from the "threat" of Pato, but the latter's injury problems. In the week after the end of the game, Milan officially confirmed "profited" suffered another injury problems after the club doctor to check and found that Pato is not a muscle strain, but the collision caused minor injuries. Although the injury without problems, but for insurance purposes Allegri is likely to not let the Brazilian played in a game against Juventus at the weekend. Pato suffered a series of injury problems, and become a true "glass", which makes Berlusconi very helpless. Italian media "market" Cheap EL SHAARAWY AC Milan Home Shirt 2012-13 disclosure, Milan has considered exchange with Pato Balotelli, in addition to the media came the Rossoneri accidents rent Pato, helping Brazilians have been restored. In this regard, Berlusconi denied in an interview: "Pato is a real problem, but I do not like to do this kind of exchange. Rented to help him return to top form? Things not to consider." Real Madrid 0-1 away defeat to Betis, but look at the technical statistics after the game, the White Army in the data on overall dominant audience possession rate of nearly 7 percent, but this advantage does not bring them a victory. 0-1 Real Madrid "accidentally" harvest lost three games in the new league season. In fact, from the technical statistics after the game from a the shot Shots, possession rate or free kick and corner the number of acquisitions, Real Madrid, should be leading the home team a big cut, but this does not help the white army away systemic retreat. Betis VS Real Madrid statistics from the battle of the record or the strength Real Madrid take advantage. Sitting on the home advantage and advocating attacking Real Betis will not easily without a fight, they exchange that bravely playing with Real Madrid, and in the Cheap Rooney Manchester United Away Shirt 2012-13 16th minute of the game by the "golden left foot Beni the the Yate kick Lengshe head start. Whole game Green one hundred Army 9 foot shot 3 feet shot is the other hand, Real Madrid, they have the audience up to 18-foot shot! 8 foot in the door frame of the range, but it is always difficult to be a ball, in addition to bad luck, 8 Shots on 0 goals mean? Real Betis goalkeeper Adrian audience turned out amazing saves! Possession rate, Real Madrid is more obvious advantages the white army game 68.7% of the time so the ball running on their own feet! But so amazing advantages, but it can not help Galacticos win, it is also puzzling. Pass, pass, steal, and headed the success rate, Real Madrid is ahead. Corner 10-1, kick 20-9 inbounds 29-19, the home team in almost every one on the comparison of the data to be weaker than Real Madrid, in addition to the foul, Betis game 22 times foul 9 times ahead of Real Madrid, Sevilla Elijah, Canas, Adrian and Beni Yate dyed yellow should be more than Real Madrid Pepe and Ramos two generals received topaz card. Offsides Real Madrid audience up to nine turnovers, while Betis only three times.

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