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No more excuses and YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!

Posted Aug 31 2009 12:00am
Hi guys,
Ok before we go anywhere, I have SUCH exciting news.  I TOTALLY won Amy's Bootycamp fitness contest!!!!! OMG are you kidding me!!! I NEVER win anything.  This is a sign guys!!! On the eve of my afore-mentioned FRESH START I win this??! Come on! Methinks the thin Gods want me to get my butt in gear.  I just looked up the site and the place is right near my house!!! WOO HOO again! Sadly the September session is full....but I wonder if they'll let little old me in??  It runs on Tuesday and Thursday so it won't interfere with the running room.   Ok, ok you get the picture... its kinda exciting for me.  I shall be sure to give a FULL review and take lots of pics. 

Tonight I had a new week of the Running Room. Before we ran we had a talk with a nutritionist.  It was ok I guess...pretty basic I thought, but everyone was saying how amazing it was.  The talk actually showed me how much I've learnt over the course over my weight loss.  She was talking about really basic stuff like how brown rice is better than white and how processed food is really not good for you..etc etc.  I thought it was all pretty common sense but lots of people seemed to not really know that.  I guess its probably not fair of me though...once upon a time I knew nothing about healthy food either.  Anyway, overall I was happy that I pretty much knew everything she was talking about. 

As for the run it was 3 mins run, 1 min walk 5 times. I brought my Nike+ IPOD along for the run to see the difference between the treadmill and outdoors.  What I noticed was that my running route is 3 and a half pretty close to the 5k.  I also noticed, thanks to my beloved mini, that I run a bit faster outside than inside.  About half a min faster.  I don't know if this was the reason it is so damn hard...but it was really, really hard tonight.  I had to stop a couple of times during the last two sets of running.  I think I do better when I choose to start and stop when I like, but obviously I understand that I need to train.  Regardless I did it.  The instructor made us run up some massive hill at the end.  I felt like I was dying, but I did it.

As for food today, nothing too new and exciting.  The usual....oatmeal, watermelon etc etc.  I brought a little snack pack to school with me (edamame, grapes and vitatop) and it totally held me over until 2pm.  My bf and I decided to go out for sushi for lunch.  We went to our favourite all you can eat place, but I was proud of myself for sticking to sushi and just having a few bites of fried rice and tempura.  This is pretty impressive for me as I looove sushi and hell, this is an all you can could have been quite bad. 

I am still within points for the 4th day in a row...woo hoo.  I know thats not very long, but it is when you've been off track for 9 weeks.  I just hope its enough for a loss. eek!

I've been thinking about this whole...fresh start a lot lately. A pattern that I've had pretty much all my life...well my weight watcher life, is to always put me time...especially exercise, on the back burner. I just get so caught up in a certain project....getting marking done, organizing the house, laundry etc etc. I have made a decision for the 2009-2010  year that I will put myself before anything!....all year.  I think I may have purposely done this for so long, because I was looking for excuses not to exercise or eat healthy but I need to really think about that....what am I doing?? Making an excuse to NOT be an uber-hottie?? Hello!! Why wouldn't I be jumping all over that? Anyway, so the gist more excuses. I think I've been living up to that quite well this week.

Hope you guys are doing great...remember tomorrow is a fresh start.  September 1st... new makes sense to wash the slate clean and go full force with healthy eating and exercise! We can SO do it. Good luck!

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