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News: The Liga-C Cheap Juventus Away Jersey, any ball broke assists Ozil goal Real Madrid 2-0 Atletico Madrid

Posted Dec 02 2012 6:41am

12 March 2 05:00 am (local time 22:00) the evening of 1 14 focus of a battle of the 2012-13 La Liga season started at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Real Madrid vs. city rivals Atletico Madrid. The first half, C Ronaldo free kick directly break, the second half C Luo also assists Ozil will expand the score 2-0 Real Madrid kings as well as the 2-foot shot hit the post. The final Real Madrid 2-0 Lectra Atletico Madrid Barcelona from the rankings still 11 points behind, will narrow the the integral gap between Atletico to 5 sheets Legion sad reminder of the continuation of 13 years numerous Real Madrid's history. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of sheets) not found Image Sports Photo Center | View Atlas | (/ 19) forwarded to the microblogging two teams clash 150 games total in league history, Real Madrid 83 wins, 32 draws and 35 defeats occupy The overwhelming advantage, into the 273 fault, non 201 balls. Real Madrid 15 wins in the clash of the two sides nearly 21 league games unbeaten, Atletico Madrid last beat Real Madrid or October 30, 1999, when the goal sheets Corps Dutch center Hasselbaink and how plug - Mali, Real Madrid 1-3 defeat at home to Real Madrid After 13 years in case of difficult to get a win. Last season in La Liga opponents Real Madrid the same score of 4-1 Manchester United Jersey double play. On the starting lineup, Real Madrid continued the starting lineup when the last round of league 0-1 loss to Real Betis, Falcao lead the strongest array of Atletico Madrid played. Before the start of the first half, the two teams for the girl who died shortly before the Halloween party in Madrid in María Teresa Alonso silence. Real Madrid, the first tee, the first three minutes, the referee the Malenko whistled Alonso defensive Turan foul, Mourinho expressed protest. Atletico Madrid before the games before the games kick opportunity but Tulane offside. Six minutes, Atletico Madrid in the head of the farm transfer, Falcao Pepe's defense could not get the ball, but the referee penalty Atletico corner Mourinho on the sidelines once again expressed dissatisfaction. 15 minutes, Tulane when defensive C Luo, deliberate handball by referee yellow card warning. Real Madrid before the games kick opportunities, C Luo kick the pocket right foot wonderful arc, non-stop around the front of the wall and the ball goal left corner, Courtois incompetence of this weakness, 1-0! Real Madrid is the first to break the deadlock, C Luo harvest personal new La Liga season, the first 13 balls, on behalf of Real Madrid played in the league scored 125 goals away from the team history League striker Gento 1 ball remaining gap. 23 minutes Khedira yellow foul when defensive Tulane. 26 minutes, Farr exam course 1V3 trying Cheap TORRES Jersey to break through Pepe, Ramos and Khedira pincer defensive steals. 29 minutes, Benzema restricted area at the top of the arc kick shot burst hit the defender who. 36 minutes, Alonso in the circle near fast fat kick, C Luo remote fired Courtois fell to the ground Cepu defuse. 39 minutes, Falcao in Alamos scraping the ground, the Atletico players that Ramos waving elbow action, small friction between the two sides. Easy side of the second half, 47 minutes, Ozil Zhisai, Benzema cross in front Courtois attack the ball ahead to get. 49 minutes, Falcao in front of 30 yards sudden Shi Leng Jian left of the goal out. After 1 minute, Costa ball, Ramos its foul, so the two sides almost clashed. 53 minutes and Real Madrid before the attack, the ball Benzema, Ozil near the closed top of the ball to cross dial the C Luo Zhong left position Nushe of the ball touching the left column the bottom line. 57 minutes, Arbeloa fighting for a header Falcao pad fly. The first 59 minutes, after cruising in the left wing of the C Luo wear flowers extraordinary attempt to pass in Juanfran kicked yellow a the C Lo kick low shot Courtois fell to the ground Cepu defuse. 66 minutes, the C Luo Zhong Zhisai the Benzema is blocked bounced back, plug in's Ozil the Portuguese immediately Xiezhuan after, the Germany midfielder catch Cheap Sagna Arsenal 2012-2013 Home Jersey after a little withered entire kick baoshe ball from Chur Figure watt crotch flew into the goal, 2-0! Real Madrid expanding field lead. 70 minutes, Benzema Middle Road, crossing the ball, Kalie Hong the restricted area the right costal kick Shitailichen's low shot Courtois firmly embraced. 73 minutes, Benzema before field breakthrough Miranda stumble, which is dyed yellow, Real Madrid won the restricted area near the line of free kick opportunities, C Luo right foot arc the ball hit the crossbar on! Real Madrid almost re-expand the lead. The first 77 minutes, Real Madrid Houchangchangzhuan find Ozil, Real Madrid on the 10th with a sharp Zhisai tear Atletico defense, the C Luo Closed spanked left rib cage kick explosive shot hit the left post on! Real Madrid missed the opportunity to break again. 78 minutes, Suarez C Luo foul yellow, C Luo any ball in the people on the wall. 80 minutes, Alonso free kick pass to the restricted area, C Luo header bombers door Courtois ball plucked. 85 minutes, Falcao Kalie Hong foul yellow. Stoppage time 2 minutes, no contribution, Real Madrid final 2-0 Lectra Atletico Madrid, the distance rankings Barcelona is still 11 points behind. Real Madrid (4231): 1 - Casillas / 5 - Cohen Bertrand, 4 - Ramos, 3 - Pepe, 17 - Arbeloa / 14 - Alonso, 6 - Khedira / 7 - Luo, 10 - Ozil (87'19-Modric), 22 - Dimaliya Cheap Monster Beats Kobe Bryant (69'21-Kalie Hong) / 9 - Benzema (91'34-Jose - Rodriguez) Atletico Madrid (442): 13 - Courtois / 20 - Juanfran, 23 - Miranda, 18 - Diaz, 2 - Godin / 6 - Ke Kai (72'7-Adrian) 4 - Mario - Suarez, 14 - Gabi (71'5-Tiago), 10 - Tulane (77'8-Raul - Garcia) / 19 - Costa, 9 - Law Falcao (December 2) at the 15 game of the 2012-13 Premier League season, Manchester United the guest against league penultimate Reading team final between Manchester United in the 4:3 win on the road. Although Manchester United to get three points on the road, and to regain the top spot, but the three goals conceded also let Manchester United have to worry about the defensive problems. Raphael's performance in this game can be described as "a nightmare". In the score after the game has been only 2 points, the lowest two players. -> 30 'Substitution - half unfinished the Jibei replaced Rafael depressed departure Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of sheets) not found Image Sports Photo Center | View Atlas | (/ 23) forwarded to the micro- Bo game eight minutes, Rafael defensive McCarty naf fails, the latter sent a pass ball, Evans siege not far Robson seize the opportunity before the next city. 21 minutes, Rafael defensive foul on Mackie naf Reading won a free kick. 27 minutes, Rafael pulled down McCartney naf referee yellow card. In the Cheap MARCHISIO Juventus Home Jersey 2012-2013 case of Manchester United air ball defensive disadvantage to the opponent repeatedly send good kick winger position is very dangerous, taking into account the Raphael defensive McCarty naf comprehensive disadvantage, and a yellow card in the body. with in order to strengthen the defense of the defense of the golf the first 31 minutes, Ferguson Smolin replaced Rafael. When learned that they have to be replaced when Raphael look of puzzled and even anger, not even in the end to accept the team's assistant coach to send over coat jacket, camera several times to capture the bench Raphael is a look of anger like. After the game in the last round against West Ham, Ferguson just praise the performance of Rafael "Rafael today's performance is very good,", Raphael will challenge the authority of Sir Alex Ferguson. So-called young and fit, Raphael, as a young player in terms of off the court, and sometimes is not so easy to grasp their emotions, we often see Raphael and other players in the Manchester United game top cattle rivalry scene. As Ferguson mentioned in the last round after the game, he is now 22 years old, but when he came to Manchester United when he was a child, when he went to the first team before 17, 18-year-old look. Course in the game he some mistakes, because he is still a child full of passion. "passion is a LEWANDOWSKI Borussia Dortmund Home Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey 2012-2013 good thing, but if his passion into the team benefit side, Raphael, there is still a long way to go. Of course, the growth of young players is a price to pay, but we always hope that this small price to some. Remember in the season 2009/2010 Champions League quarter-final second leg, Rafael assume defensive Riberg important task, and most of the time to complete a good, but in the case of Manchester United a good situation, Raphael Seoul unnecessarily tackles cause him two yellow red end, Manchester United eventually be eliminated due to the number of away goals. The last few seasons Rafael becoming Manchester United's main right-back, Ferguson is also very optimistic about, "he is Brazilian, but he is training like a monster but he will not miss any training, he is extremely Football frenzy when summer holiday, he will be a day to play in the streets of Brazil, in the interview, Ferguson even to become optimistic about the Brazilian defender Gary Neville as good backs, "Gary when team When is unfinished finished, but he was lucky he came just in time to the days of the team vigorously promoted young players but then Gary has grown to become a very good player, he is perhaps the greatest in the history of Manchester United right back. "Carrick also said:" He here every year in progress, he has just come here from Brazil is quite different.

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