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News: Mike Mussina into Real Madrid Youth Shirt the longest Blue Army career only 39 months

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:12am

Florentino has decided to break up with Mourinho in the summer of next year. This means that the madman coaching experience at Real Madrid for a full three seasons. "Aspen Daily News" today, the author pointed out, Mourinho rated as number one in the top football coaches today tramp. Mike Mussina, a total of coached six clubs, coaching longest Chelsea, but only 39 months. "Aspen": Mike Mussina coaching longest record of 39 January 2000, Mourinho cease to Barcelona assistant coach career went to Benfica began. The team played nine league games only after Mourinho left Benfica. In April 2001, Mourinho took over Leiria team, but left the team in January 20, 2002, three days after he turned to Porto. In Porto, Mourinho ushered in the first peak of his career. In the 02/03 Liverpool Jersey season, Mourinho led Porto to get a Portuguese ultra Portuguese Cup and European Cup three championship. 03/04 season, Mourinho led Porto to get the the Portuguese super and the Champions League trophy. Porto two-and-a-half years after coach Jose Mourinho was Abu dug Chelsea. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of shots) not found Images Sports Images | View Atlas | (/ 47) forwards to microblogging in Chelsea, Mourinho coached a total of 3 years, 3 months, 39 months coached the time he is by far the longest career record. In Chelsea, Mourinho led his unit won two Premiership titles, a Chelsea Champions, 2 League Cup and a Charity Shield Cup champion. But never been able to climb to the top in the Champions League, Mourinho at the September 20, 2007 by Abu dismissal. Cheap LAHM Bayern Munich Jersey Rest nearly a season, Mourinho come out of retirement to coach Inter. In the first season, Mourinho led Inter Milan won the Serie A title. A year later, Mike Mussina usher in a bumper crop at Inter, he led his unit to the Serie A, Champions League and Italian Cup Triple Crown. Usher in a career in another peak, Mourinho choose wisely, he left Inter Milan in the summer of 2010, the White Bernabeu. Real Madrid's first season, Mourinho led his unit won the King's Cup. Last season, Mourinho led his unit won the league championship. This summer, the madman is led his unit won the Spanish Super Cup. Real Madrid in La Liga behind Barcelona 11 points, rather slim title hopes. Consider and less important to the King's Cup, the Champions League HIGUAIN Real Madrid FC Home Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey trophy this season, became the ultimate pursuit of Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho shared. Before the breakup, Mussina could bring the history of the 10th European Cup for Real Madrid? Kahn: Dott goalkeeper should England Neuer par this season, the former representative of the German football, Bayern feats captain Kahn in the German "Bild" has opened its own column, with the most trenchant way Reviews Bayern Munich and German football rumors and news. Last weekend, just the end of the German "national derby" There is no doubt that the topic of German football, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund a 1-1 draw high score. Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller game outstanding performance, he was elected the best player. After the match the people to support the 32-year-old veteran into the national team, which also includes Manchester City FC Jersey former Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. Kahn (Figure) column full text: Weidenfeller worthy of the national team shirt! Dear fans, Bayern 1-1 draw with Borussia Dortmund, Dott goalkeeper Weidenfeller is worthy of the audience, he has three excellent saves in the game, in close proximity Dangxia a shot of the Bayern players for the team to secure a draw. After the match, Heynckes also asked why such a good goalkeeper actually would not Germany abroad. And vote on major media and major sites, we can see that in the majority of fans support Weidenfeller into the national team. From a performance point of view, Weidenfeller definitely worthy of the German team's jersey. Look at Dortmund this season in the Champions League it of Weidenfeller's robust defensive essential, he has a lot of progress, and Cheap CAHILL Chelsea Away Long Sleeve Football Shirt / Kit help the team also made a new breakthrough. His presence, pursuit of a larger goal in the Champions League arena in Dortmund. If not him, Dortmund this season do not have this kind of success. Sometimes, the sound is not only a good goalkeeper evaluation criteria. Against Bayern, Weidenfeller shows the importance of a good goalkeeper and tell you that a good goalkeeper can. First, you need to have sufficient technical capacity addition, he must also keep the excited state and at any time of the move, a bold net smash. Especially in such a high-level contest, the rhythm of both sides are very fast, able to make quick response is necessary, is the minimum requirement. Of course, in most cases too radical is not good, Neuer was once an example. Schalke when Ajax FC Shirts he committed because of the risky behavior of a lot of errors, but as he continue to accumulate experience in international competitions, he is also more attention to in the race to secure the gatekeepers of. Do not say anything else, because their own adventure in the Champions League he Diuguo ball, obviously this is a lesson. In my opinion, Neuer, Weidenfeller, and Adler is a horizontal line players, the Dortmund goalkeeper entirely worthy of the national team jersey. Now he has to do is to impress Loew. Neuer, Adler, Te Shite root, Ziller is a good goalkeeper, and the third goalkeeper is a young man, and this is understandable, after all, a young man need to accumulate experience, and they are also relatively well-behaved, good pipe . Weidenfeller problem here, Loew afraid unnecessary risk.

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