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News: Messi 84 ball away from Cheap Juventus Jersey Mueller miracles Poor 1 ball season league nine times scored twice

Posted Dec 02 2012 6:44am

Raphael. This season, Vidic just back right again injured Manchester United defender combination had more using a combination of Evans and Ferdinand, this combination seems to good effect in the case of injuries last season, Vidic, Evans gradually the growth. Win this season, one of the most with fewer number of fouls more steals in the Premiership Statistics data show that, from the start of the season to the November 30 date, at least played 500 minutes defender Evan Sri Lanka in this data on the first row, he has 16 steals, but only 1 foul, steals foul up to 16:1, the Manchester United the other 名后卫埃弗拉 in row sixth, he steals foul than 6.33 . Judging from the season, each Premier League team, especially the weak teams seem to grasp the difference weakness the Evans defense line heading ability onslaught. 0-1 loss to Norwich game, Manchester United is lost a header to the last round of the game, West Ham air and protects the Manchester United defense brought a lot of postgraduate. That in several instances this season, Evans header on the offensive end to the other goal undue threat, but it seems that in the mature while heading ability, defensive end or a very short board at this time Manchester United fans will involuntary miss their captain Vidic, Vidic's ability in Cheap Liverpool Jersey the air is the top linebacker today, Evans with Vidic seems there is a big gap. Evans said after play West Ham game the opponent two large high-Carroll and Cole bad deal, although they will not post moves away from you, but you have to always be with They contention header'm glad we did it the gates yet zero goals conceded. give us confidence, but confidence did not translate into advantage of defensive mistakes a lot of the games air and protects. Although the two games a week gives players physical problems, while Manchester United two fullbacks height is limited, this also gives defensive air and protects the inconvenience, the good news for Manchester United Vidic in the midweek Champions League comeback, which also will help Manchester United defense, but in the long run, Vidic state can not guarantee, the Ferdinand older case, Evans must be timely to grow up, in particular, to improve his heading ability . FIFA announced this week the 15 candidates of the 2012 best striker, Wayne Rooney impressively, but Rooney this season, scoring some embarrassing pitiful, the league and the Champions League put together only into the 3 ball to enter this list seems just soy sauce foil, perhaps by this list of stimulus, Rooney scored twice in the Reading League him this season after the league in Cheap BALOTELLI 12/13 Jersey total before into two. Sports Photo Center to find related pictures (of sheets) not found Image Sports Photo Center | View Atlas | (/ 23) forwarded to the microblogging before the game, Ferguson said Rooney many goals, he said: "I satisfied with the contribution he made in the game, which there is no problem for me, he can contribute to the team's success, it is clear that also can score more goals. "In order to let Rooney multi-goal today Ferguson on Rooney arrangements made some changes, no longer require Rooney must retracement midfield organization on the entry list, put him in the position of the right wing, defense requirements he must Bianlu but offensive defining his position. Longer retracement deep to go catch organizations and Rooney the field closer to the goal than the previous few games, get a chance to score even greater, the field he shot twice on scored twice, while in the previous Premiership , only scored two of his 36 shots. Rooney's first goal was a penalty, which is again on the penalty spot after Rooney penalty into the penalty in the game against Braga, fool Reading goalkeeper the ball firmly into the door. Ferguson has said Manchester United's penalty hands Robin van Persie, but recently two penalties Rooney kick, in a sense, this is a kind of compensation Cheap Gibbs Arsenal 2012-2013 Home Jersey sacrifice Rooney. This penalty is Manchester United 1000 goals in the 21st century Premiership, Rooney scored 132 balls, 69 assists, and a contribution of more than 20%. Wayne Rooney's second goal reflected his good post moves, 30 minutes, Ashley - Young pass, Evra plug pass in the left unguarded Rooney 6 yards at the foot Tui broke Rooney's pass did not pull down the winning goal in the field from his assists, 34 minutes, midfielder Michael Carrick pass to Rooney, this pass with great force and Rooney the guard court press back of the goal, is not handled well, but Rooney as if his head had eyes to see Van Persie post moves, right foot foot ball potential Yiceng down and change the direction right on the front of the offside Van Persie. This assists fully embodies Rooney technology and consciousness. This is Rooney this season, 7 assists, beyond the top of the table of the the Mata exclusive assists. League so far, scoring contribution, Rooney 4 goals and 7 assists done well, the offensive player of the Premier League, only Robin van Persie (10 goals, 4 assists), Suarez (10 goals assists) done better than him, but Ferguson is hoping Wayne Rooney goals and assists correct, Ferguson before the game that Rooney goal climax soon be able to come: "He did not score, Cheap Monster Beats Studio but once he started goal, this will change, the situation will become better. "to liberate Rooney no longer let Rooney caught in a tedious midfield organizations can invest more effort in the frontcourt and Robin van Persie with Manchester United buy intention Rusineide. If Manchester United can buy Rusineide Anderson as excellent play like the last few, that Rooney retracement no longer as before so deep, he can be closer to the goal, and the goal is bound to become more easy, he will be able to do the assists and goals correct, might be able to have the opportunity to go and C Ronaldo, Messi than rivalry. Now almost no one would doubt Messi break Muller created the annual record of 85 goals in 2012, the only question is "Messi will be when and where to make history?" La Liga Round 14 Messi 2012 countdown 5 games against Athletic Bilbao at the Nou Camp, Barcelona scored twice again in the 10th to enhance personal goals for the year to 84, and now his distance Gade - Muller ball gap. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of sheets) not found Image Sports Photo Center | View Atlas | (/ 23) forwarded to the microblogging December 3, 2000, a small stadium in La Masia, a little boy from Argentina undergoing the examination, the examiner Cheap DAVID LUIZ Chelsea Home Long Sleeve Jersey Rexach, to interview the children called Lionel - Lionel Messi, after that workout, Barcelona and no hurry to make a decision until Real Madrid join battle, Rexxar Wizards goes the famous "napkin contract" signed the nickname "flea" Rosario boy. Today, exactly 12 years later, Messi has become the greatest player in the history of Barcelona, ??this morning at the Camp Nou against Athletic Bilbao has fleas 350th appearance for Barcelona, ??people's expectations are focused on him in the end to No step closer approximation Gade - Muller? Results Messi does not let everyone wait too long, the first 26 minutes of the game, in receipt of Harvey's straight passes, get rid of Amo Lei Tower of Babel, the 10th singled Yilaisuosi success, with a deftly lob scoring 20 goals in 14 league branded a strong ground Messi label. But for this goal, the Spanish media has a different argument, Barcelona's official website, the official website of the Spanish league, "the daily sports newspaper" and "Aspen Daily News" media are counted in the Macy given them, with the exception of "Marca the newspaper these goals are counted as Amo Lei Tower of Babel own goal, the reason is to change the direction of the ball if not Amo Lei Tower of Babel tackles, Messi's lob likely to slip out the door, As for the GERVINHO Arsenal Away Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey 2012-2013 final judgment result of the professional league Referee Committee will have to wait until later ruled. If Messi's first ball slightly controversial, then the second ball of the foot can be regarded as a classic, the first 70 minutes of the game, Pedro high cross in the restricted area, Macy feint down anti-complement伊图拉佩斯, then his right foot in training on pocket shot far corner goal nets, which is the flea this season the 9th scored twice in the league, In addition, he also completed a hat-trick, according to Barcelona's official statistics , the count tonight scored twice, Messi has scored 190 goals for Barcelona in the league, the distance Cesar team history 192 ball only 2 goals gap. Barcelona 2012 left 5 games, including a game of King's Cup and Champions League, as well as three league games, has personal goals for the year increased to 84 balls Messi, will be tied in what stadium or break the Muller's record of 85 goals for the year? "Daily Sport newspaper," The survey shows that more than 45% of the fans think, once Messi Champions League debut against Benfica in the week in the Camp Nou, then the fleas will very likely that night, while breaking Muller annual 85 ball record, as well as the annual Woodward 25 international game scoring record from that game there four days.

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