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News:King's Cup, Real Madrid case 13 the Mussina GOURCUFF Jerse favorite referee law enforcement warships battle 12 wins and 1

Posted Dec 13 2012 8:54am
11 December, the Spanish Football Federation announced the King's Cup 1/8 final first leg of the referee, for Mourinho "favorite" referee Lajous law enforcement of Celta VS Real Madrid game, his 13-time law enforcement Real Madrid game, Galacticos 12 wins and one draw. "World Sports Daily": King's Cup Real Madrid the case of the vast majority of blessing whistle referee Mourinho criticized, Lajous is one of the few exceptions. "Marca" held in 2011, the annual awards ceremony of the contest, Mourinho has publicly praised Lajous "know how to blow a good game, Mike Mussina, the reason given is" Lajous enforcement scale more like a Premier League referee, he does not like to interrupt the game. Lajous discuss Mourinho like because I am afraid not only for law enforcement, Real Madrid performance in his law enforcement is quite good. Lajous law enforcement over a total of 13 games Real Madrid game the Galacticos 12 wins and one draw, the only draw is the 09/10 season, Real Madrid 0-0 Osasuna. Last Lajous law enforcement famous game is the second MARADONA Jersey leg of the Spanish Super Cup on August 30 this year, Real Madrid won 2-1 defeat at home to Barcelona, ??Lajous game red card penalty Barcelona defender Adriano, Barcelona striker Sanchez in the game fell to Real Madrid in the restricted area, Lajous refused a penalty. Real Madrid have suffered setbacks in Lajous whistle 23 Real Madrid 10/11 La Liga season away to Espanyol, opening only two minutes Lajous directly sent Real Madrid captain Iker, Real Madrid game difficult The ground 1-0 win. After the match, Mourinho said: "Lajous red card penalty under Casey may be wrong, there may well be right, but in any case, I liked his performance, he is a good referee, completed a good game, even if he made a mistake, it is understandable. "Lajous law enforcement King's Cup 1/8 final first leg, Real Madrid this season, there is another interpretation, The the Real Madrid blessing whistle seems too early law enforcement Real Madrid game. In accordance with the practice of the Spanish Football Federation, the King Cup in the same season, in Cheap HIGUAIN Real Madrid Home Long Sleeve Jersey principle, will make the team and referees repeat encounter, which means that the key behind knockout Lajous law enforcement Real Madrid unlikely. But it is also the cause of last season's King's Cup 1/4 finals Real Madrid suffered Barcelona, ??Football Association was originally scheduled for the second leg match of Lajous law enforcement, but strong opposition from Barcelona Change Maljan Division law enforcement. Ramos scored misjudgment appeal dismissed Real Madrid mouthpiece satirical Football Association loophole on December 11, the Spanish Football Association rejected the appeal of Real Madrid, identified Ramos league goals in 15 La Liga invalid. Spanish Football Association also questioned Real Madrid: "You do not know the rules of the Football Association? Television video can not be used as the basis of an appeal" Marca: Football Association dismissed 15 of the Real Madrid La Liga's appeal, the strength to face Baladuoli Germany, Real Madrid twice behind the final 3-2 thrilling reversal. The Galacticos had the opportunity to win earlier, but the referee Montero Ramos offside in the 65th minute goal. According to the video and MARCELO Real Madrid FC Home Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey pictures given by the Spanish media after the game, Benzema restricted area before Zhisai Ramos does not offside, take the initiative to give up an offensive in three Real Madrid players in an offside position. After the match Real Madrid appeal application was submitted to the Spanish Football Federation, Spanish Football Federation responded on December 11, dismissed the appeal of Real Madrid on the grounds that the Spanish Football Federation expressly provided the video and pictures provided by the media is not allowed as arbitration and appeal basis. Spanish Football Association disciplinary committee spokesman even asked Real Madrid: "You do not know the rules of the Football Association? Television video can not be used as the basis of an appeal," Marca "that:" The Spanish Football Federation itself provides that there is a loophole, has repeatedly done self-deception explanation. "Real Madrid mouthpiece put the game this season, Sevilla Barcelona reverse as examples, Fabregas diving suspect, but can not change the cause Sevilla the fact that at least one person fighting Medel sent off, the whistle The former Barcelona Cheap Juventus Away Long Sleeve 2012-2013 Shirt / Kit player Thiago does Handball profit instigated teammates into the reversal goals, the referee can not write these penalty in the post-match report are misjudged. Sneijder hope Manchester United summoned Tottenham or into the dark horse break with Inter Milan's Sneijder what will go still have a chance to go to Paris, the captain of the Netherlands does not accept the invitation from the outside of the five major league, so went to An Zhi follow Eto'o Otis possibility no longer exists, Bayern Munich and Tottenham are likely to become the Sneijder's next home Sneijder most want to go to the English Premier League leaders Manchester United, but most likely to accept his or coach Carlo Ancelotti has been rumor of Paris Saint-Germain. Inter News: Sneijder forward analysis of the Paris Saint-Germain coach Carlo Ancelotti made it clear that, the team winter window to introduce players only have to book in advance Brazilian genius Lucas - Mora, spend introduction Sneh denied that Paris Germany, and De Rossi might. However, as previously mentioned in the "Gazzetta dello Sport" three Cheap Youth PUYOL Barcelona Home Long Sleeve Jersey and a half years of the contract, 6.5 million annual salary is groundless it? The answer should be no, "Inter News Network that the two sides just yet to reach a consensus on the final price, has not yet reached 12 million offer in Saint-Germain-Inter transfer Sneijder psychological bottom line (more than 15 million euros). The media believe that the past two seasons Paris St Germain used to create surprises from last season's Tiago - Motta to this season, Van der Veer are in the transfer window closed before the line of fire to join before the transfer deadline. As for the transactions mentioned in the rumors of Tim head Pastore and Wei Ladi Paris to sell improbable. As last season marked the king Pastore this season experienced a downturn, but the last two won the first manifestation was significantly improved, and only less than two seasons to let go last year, with over 40 million high-priced introduction The Argentine star, who is a sports director Leonardo undoubtedly to blame. As for Wei Ladi Ancelotti from Pescara GOURCUFF Jersey to acquire the Italian nova holding the cultivation of his ideas, and the performance of a young teenager it is normal ups and downs, and known as Wei Ladi this new Pirlo season in the French did show considerable potential. In addition to Paris, Bayern Munich is also expected to be Sneijder, and Munich is also able to meet the international metropolis Sneijder beloved wife RAND expand career, joining Bundesliga Banba Sneijder's salary requirements to ensure and can appear in the Champions League. However, "Inter News Network that Tottenham could become a potential dark horse because another Dutch star Van der Vaart had to be successful in this London club. However, the media also revealed that most want to prove their own Sneijder to join Manchester United, but the current situation, Sir Alex Ferguson seems to have no longer on the Dutch are interested in a larger arena, while Manchester City coach Man The Tonkinese has also denied the possible introduction of Sneijder Sneijder's Manchester City Manchester the dream has basically become Suigetsu mirror spend. # Cheap Soccer Jerseys 201212121202
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