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News-Golden Spain Away Long Sleeve Jersey d Globe hegemony King's Feast shot king C Luo unyielding interpretation + struggle

Posted Jan 06 2013 6:40am

Since 2008, Kaka gradual decline, football will enter the C Luo PK Macy era. 2012 is still the case, CR7 Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team for one year 63 ball, 13 assists to create a personal best, to lead the Galacticos won the La Liga champions returning to the to break Barca myth of invincibility. 6 times within one year does not strive PK Messi, C Lo is the only way to dethrone the superstar and Lionel Messi. The king of the goals Messi, C Ronaldo? He is a strong striker scored desire to become the year shot king. -> Competing for the Golden Globe for the ultimate PK Messi C 罗伊涅斯塔 shot of Wang C Luo: Conqueror goal trembling Messi, C Ronaldo is scoring king, the data as evidence - 2012 Messi scored 91 goals for the year, on behalf ``f the Barcelona and Argentina C Lo 63 balls followed. Portugal superstar goals Messi opened the gap, but to throw off his pursuers behind. Ibrahimovic 50 goals, Cavani 46 ball, 39 ball of Robin van Persie, Huntelaar 37 balls. C Luo has the strongest desire to shot goal 40 m area within range. According to OPTA statistics, C is the king of 2012 five major league shot. This year, C Luo completed 232 shots in the league, occupy 38% of the total number of shots in Real Madrid, scored a total 2012-2013 soccer jerseys of 40 balls. From an efficiency point of view, C Luo shot scoring rate is not high, 5.8 per foot shot into the 1 ball, if Paokai penalty, it has become more inefficient. In contrast, Messi scored in the 2012 La Liga 156 shots, 59 balls, scoring 1 goal every 2.6 shots; 120 shots in Falcao scored 32 goals, scored 1 goal every 3.75 shots. Even the "wave radio" Suarez, 7.1 shots scored 1 goal, to know Su God does not have a penalty. 12-13 season Real Madrid, plus 13 games on the 2012 Portuguese national team, C Luo total kick 43 games and scored 30 goals, a staggering 281 shots at the goal, can be described as obsessed with the pursuit of C Lo on shot. Stimulation of the Macy's, C goals more eager. Manchester United, C is not so crazy ,2007-08 season, C Luo Premiership 31 balls to get the Golden Boot, a total of 181 shots, 27% of the number of shots of the accounting team; come to Real Madrid, C Luo averaging 8 times shot, the increasingly large number of shots accounted team. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of shots) not found Images Sports Images | View Atlas | (/ 47) forwarded to the microblogging 2012 moment of glory: C Luo 1 year war Messi does not strive to save the European Cup twice the La Liga and the Cheap SUAREZ Away Long Sleeve Jersey 2013 West Super Cup champion in 2012, the main C Luo, Messi is the only King's Cup champions, CR7 prevail; direct dialogue of two - national derby, C Luo is not inferior to Messi. In 2012, Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga, King's Cup, West super cup grips, C Luo are harvested all the games, and scored a total of seven goals, many of them critical of the Camp Nou lore Barcelona, ??national derby scored twice turn the tide of this superstar play. The field in the European Cup, C Luo savior-level performance. 11-12 season Real Madrid became the strongest in the history of the league title, won the West Super Cup in August 2012, only one year, Real Madrid and Barcelona 7 degrees confrontation. C Luo favorably at Macy's. January 18 and 25 days, two rounds of the Spanish King's Cup, Real Madrid first leg 1-2 loss to Barcelona, ??the second leg 2-2 tie two games C Luo have goals, Messi did not score; April 21 the Spanish national derby, Real Madrid 2-1 force Ke Basa, C Ronaldo scored the winning goals not stand Macy inch power; August 23 and 29 West Super Cup final two rounds, Real Madrid away 2-3 negative home 2-1 wins and won the championship, the C Luo two war were to break, Messi two two goals tied; 7 October 12-13 season, the Spanish national derby, Real Madrid 2-2 Spain Away Long Sleeve Jersey draw with Barcelona, ??Messi, C-arranged the goals of the two teams. 2012 the most important football tournament in the European Cup, to be fair, C Luo has a good play. Group match against Holland, C Lo scored twice set Tougong. , 1-0 victory over the Czech Republic to advance the European Cup, is also a C Luo meritorious deeds. C Ronaldo became the Portuguese team in the history of the first five consecutive contest scoring player (2004,2008,2012 European Cup, 2006,2010 World Cup). In the history of the European Cup top scorer, C Luo discharged into the top 3, Michel Platini, 9-Ball, Alan Shearer ball, C Luo 6 balls tied Henry, Kluivert, Nuno - Gomez Ibrahimovic, Van Nistelrooy ranked third. Golden Globe Why can C Lo: he represents the unyielding + struggle "Golden Globe to C Lo is a crime." Mourinho extreme remarks support unit disciples. From the current situation, C Luo least three candidates promising. Messi obtained 47.33 percent of the high percentage of votes the authoritative World Soccer magazine Year Award, Player of the Year title. C-19.01% of the votes ranked second, Iniesta 9.77% in 3; Uruguay, "El Pais" the Massey 108 votes champion selection, Iniesta got 93 votes, C only 9 votes. The the C Luo competition Golden Globe "bargaining chip" What is it? There is no doubt that Real Madrid 11-12 season to overthrow Barcelona won La Liga champions. Guardiola's Barcelona Cheap KROOS Bayern Munich FC Away Jersey 2013 occupy the champion three consecutive seasons, under extremely difficult circumstances, Real Madrid completed 100 myth League to Barcelona opened a gap of 9 points. C-perfect play all season, scored the winning goal schematic teammates calm the more general demeanor at the Camp Nou. If C Luo winners, that is the compliment of the Portuguese "unyielding bigwigs". Professionalism, C Luo admired, such as Real Madrid 2-1 force Clay Aventis battle, C Luo was Navarro's elbow left brow crashed through bleeding, hemostasis After 5 minutes of dressing, almost "blindness" of the case, also scoring. Against Celta left leg at the tibia spikes to draw a more than 10 centimeters of the hole; 0-1 loss to Sevilla, C Luo is also a fight to the bloody. Manchester City FA Cup third round 3-0 at home easily beat Championship side Watford, Tevez, Barry and 17-year-old teenager Lopez Jiangong after the game assistant Pratt continue instead Mancini attend press release will. The face of questions from reporters, Platt main words are used in the praise Lopez body. Lopez, who just turned 17 years old this year, in 85 minutes off the bench Silva debut, his Manchester City first team debut, but I never thought he actually scored the ball at the child in injury time. "I can tell you, his face smile," Pratt said. "This is his first official game in 5 minutes before scoring, but the end of WILSHERE England Home Jersey 2012-2013 the game, which is quite amazing, is not it?" We have high expectations for him, and I did not think he could I think tomorrow he will recall the scene tonight, "Manchester City assistant went on to score in the first game. "Lopez is still very young, he needs to learn a lot of things, but his first step go perfectly, this accumulation of self-confidence is very important summer training camp is very optimistic about his play this season, he Technical great, strong desire to attack, a bit like Silva, I think his future in the squad will have a strong competitive force. "specifically talk about the game with Waterford, Pratt, commented:" We have made 2 -0 leading relax a bit, opponents have several scoring opportunities, but our defense is still doing quite well until the last moment before we scored the third ball, Manchester City has been recently emphasized the goals of efficiency, which point in terms of our performance today is also not perfect. Indeed, the goal will change the game, 1-0, we played very easily ,2-0 means that we are not far away from victory, and 3-0 after the opponent will give up. "Balotelli eventually get playing opportunities, Platt said:" very active performance after he played only 15 minutes, but his athletic ability has been completely restored and I want him next weekend the league will have a chance. "

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