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News: C Luo Imperial Palace Chelsea FC Jersey public opinion: the school etiquette (video)

Posted Dec 07 2012 3:09am

Yesterday's Pardo Palace can be described as starry Spanish National Sports Awards are awarded personally by the Princess, Bosque won the best coach award, Di - Di Stefano won the Sports Development and Promotion Award, but prominent among the undoubtedly the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo - and not just because he won the annual Sports Awards of the best Latin American player, but also because an unhappy bad "high rich handsome gum. Chewing gum is C Luo many hobbies, spare time the Portuguese still training ground performances Britain gum stunt, but it is also chewing gum rather embarrassing to let him in the Pardo Palace yesterday, from entering the palace C Luo moment in chewing gum, whether it is with people laughing, still waiting for the award until the parade when only one staff member to remind him that the award must spit chewing gum, otherwise the royal members of irreverence. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of sheets) not found Image Sports Photo Center | View Atlas Authentic soccer jerseys | (/ 33) forwarded to microblogging Cristiano Some dream wake up, but his side did not spit the place of the chewing gum, Panic, C Luo Left had turned his back to the cameras and crowd out his left hand to cover your mouth and quickly spit out chewing gum and put it in his trouser, he obviously did not think it all he was shot by the camera. C Luo solve the chewing gum trouble then pleased to note from the Princess of the hands collar over the Year Award, and happy, and Di Stefano, posed for pictures, and chewing gum tricks but the Portuguese in today's TV six play to the whole of Spain, and spread throughout the world through a network, "Marca" netizens ridicule: "C Lo small tricks become Children's Guide", "high-income earners should spend some money to learn etiquette lessons," Rather than spit out really better to swallow it. " European Union - Henderson winning goal Liverpool 1-0 Udinese qualify for last 32 Europa League Real Madrid Jersey 2012-13 group stage Group A for the 2012-13 season at 2 o'clock on December 7 (local time 6 to 19 points) 6 field focus on war in the Friuli stadium fight over Premier League giants Liverpool away to Italian giants Udinese. Opening only 12 minutes Shaheen nose injury forced departure, Henderson Red Army opened the scoring. The second half both sides had no achievements, Liverpool 1-0 win over Udinese. The same time young people 3-1 win over An Zhi, Liverpool, An Zhi and young people are 10, mutual record the Liverpool and safety Zhi dominant teams qualify together Liverpool. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of sheets) not found Image Sports Photo Center | View Atlas | (/ 9) forwarded to the second game of the group stage of microblogging this season, the European Union, Liverpool at Anfield 2-3 loss the Udinese, Chervy Suarez for Liverpool meritorious deeds, but Di Natale, Pasquale, and Coahuila Benitez Oolong, the visitors all three points, which is Udinese this season, the European Union The Cheap Chamberlain Arsenal 2012-2013 Home Jersey only victory. Prior to this season, the two teams battle record in European Cup history. Rogers sent half lineup weekend league will be banned Suarez led Liverpool starting. Opening only 1 minute and 10 seconds, Ashok Patel, and Udinese striker Lanei Yi, fighting for a header after the collision, fell to the ground, simply two hurt no serious problem. Shaheen nose injured receiving treatment in the over-the-counter Chervy off the bench to warm up 10 minutes before the two sides had no create offensive opportunities. 12 minutes Liverpool make forced substitutions adjustment, Chervy replaced Shaheen the slow mirror playback Shaheen by La Neiyi elbow hit the bridge of the nose. 12 minutes, 16 meters just appearances Chervy low shot wide of the completion of the game in Liverpool for the first time shot. 17 minutes, Fabbrini shovel turned Chervy received a yellow card. 19 minutes, Pereira 17 meters small angle right foot rubbing shot, the the Reina ball beam prop. 22 minutes, flush with a series of Suarez and Cheap Beats by Dre Monster Pro Chervy shovel foul, the referee awarded Liverpool a free kick opportunity, Suarez 28 meters right foot kick was the defensive stopper. 23 minutes Liverpool head start, Downing out of the left corner, Suarez header Zhengding falls Suso at the foot of the the latter bottom line at the back do the Henderson 10 meters right foot low shot through the Pa Deli small door network 1-0! 27 minutes, Suarez stabbed biography, Downing back to do the bottom line, Johnson keep up Tuishe break, but the referee signaled offside in advanced balls invalid, Downing for the slow mirror replays showed the referee's penalty accurate, but Downing pass before the ball as a whole has a bottom line. 34th minute try to foot the long-range, outside the the defensive restricted area of ??the Fabbrini Akira open-Allen and Jamie Carragher, Reina fell to the ground the ball. 1 minute the tactical foul pull Pereira Hou Susuo referee yellow card warning. 44 minutes Suso forward pass, 苏亚雷斯拉 pulled Danilo foul, for Hou Susuo BENZEMA Real Madrid FC Home Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey pass one minute, Suarez, right foot shot higher. Injury time Suarez close barb goalkeeper prop out of the bar. Easy side battles the second half, 47 minutes Suarez forward pass, Suso form a single pole right foot volley wide of the near corner. 49 minutes, Downing cross from the left, Udinese defender the ball ejection, Suarez 20 meters right foot volley towards the ball. The first 59 minutes, Alberto Romero left break Johnson pass Ashok Patel make key headed the rescue. Udinese a corner, slightly higher than the La Neiyi 12 meters header Leipzig. 65 minutes Liverpool almost broke again, Enrique left the ball into the box, The Henderson right foot volley Dianshe the is Prabhupada ritonavir beams! Followed by Udinese forced to make substitutions, Burnett Tia Leiyinhale replaced. Left foot shot in the 68th minute, Suarez the restricted area Youlei juggling breakthrough Pa Deli again made magic fighting. 71 minutes Qiao Ailun foul yellow, Liverpool Stirling replaced Suso. 79th minute Udinese suffered a blow, Pasquale Stirling foul received Chelsea FC Jersey a yellow card and accumulated two yellow was sent off! The two minutes Houkalage kicked Fabbrini fined yellow card, any ball Badu kick 32 meters right foot pop-up in the human wall. 86 minutes, Udinese trump Di Natale replaced Lanei Yi. The first 88 minutes, the ball to the sideline, Liverpool manager Rogers Hold the ball to Pereira delay time. Last minute Di Natale almost equalizer. Udinese (442): 25 - Pa Deli / 5 - Danilo, 26 - Pasquale, 75 - E Ertuo, 6 - Farah O'Neill / 37 - Pereira, 66 - flush ( 46 '17 - Burnett Tia (65' 49 - Leiyinhale)), 7 - Badu, 27 - Alberto Romero / 31 - Fabbrini 13 - La Neiyi-(86 '10 - Pasadena Thala) Liverpool (433): 25 - Reina / 2 - Johnson, 23 - Jamie Carragher, 37 - Ashok Patel, 3 - Enrique / 5 - Shaheen (12 '33 - Chervy), 14 - Hang Granderson, 24 - Qiao Ailun / 30 - Suso (71 '31 - Stirling), 7 - Suarez, 19 - Downing

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