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News: British media said Falcao and nurturing supermodel when the mistress tiger deny the

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:14am

Falcao is one of today's hottest football striker, but more non-human red, claimed England "Sun", a married man Falcao and now with his mistress. Mistress, in the name of the legendary the Ecuador supermodel Natalia - Beilei Si. But in fact, in 2007, Falcao and singer Luo Leilei - Tallon married. Afterwards they had a very sweet, Falcao football is viewed as a model husband. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of shots) not found Images Sports Images | View Atlas | (/ 53) forwarded to micro-博娜塔莉亚 born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but the eight-month-old when she moved with his family to the Colombian Medellin. Natalia began at the age of 13 as a model, she is now quite popular in the Americas. In the last session of the NFL Super Bowl finals Nataliya even still the intermission show. According to The Sun reported that, Falcao in extramarital affairs and Nataliya "common ground". But this story, and soon led to criticism of both sides. According to Colombia, local media said, Falcao Sun Manchester City Jersey 2012-13"This is a defamation of his reputation, he was very angry. Nataliya via Twitter on the matter stand: "Thanks for all support me, I am very pleased that I feel the support and care from everyone after this rude reported Juve fans stimulus Su Peijia plane crash Turin Agnelli condemn in 15 Serie A last weekend, Juventus 3-0 in Turin victory over derby rivals at the same time, to keep the Serie A leaders position Juventus Club Chairman Agnelli am very satisfied, "With our two training young players Marchisio and Giovinco goal to win the derby, which makes us very satisfied. The the sense 谢马尔基西奥 - he has entered the Juventus club for 20 years, also thanks to Giovinco, this is really a good night. Sports Image Center to find related pictures (of shots) was not found relevant picture sports picture center | View Atlas | (/ 17) forwarded to microblogging, but this in the Turin derby scene of discord individual Juve fans insult Turin's historic Su Peijia crash slogans played Cheap ROBBEN Bayern Munich Away Jersey in the stands, the game fans chanted slogan mocking Suppe tierga crash. Chairman of Agnelli very dissatisfied, "I see Suppe plus air crash victims disrespectful slogans, I strongly condemn this behavior. I want to apologize Sorry Juventus Stadium this slogan. To know that the The Stadium environment is reflected by the performance of the fans in the stands, but I am confident that such incidents will not recur. Sports court after the game because of this behavior of the Juve fans, announced a fine of 10,000 euros Juventus club even Juve's mouthpiece media "Turin sports newspaper" also criticized the Road, "only a moron would do that. That support the Turin team is the pride of all Italians, insult them like an insult to our Italian own. "At the same time," Turin sports newspaper "also suggested that Italian football in the future can take more effective punitive measures against offending fans, but not like this, because of the behavior of individual punishment all the fans, or punishment Club. meantime, fans of Turin Cheap Real Madrid FC 2012-2013 Away Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey in the race damaged about 100 stadium seats and toilets of the stadium, which the Turin club has also been fined 25,000 euros after the Derby, Juve have focused on this week on the Champions League group stage. Juve on the road against Shakhtar Donetsk although a draw can ensure Juve to win the group, but Agnelli Chairman or remind the team not to underestimate the enemy. "Shakhtar Donetsk game is very important, we must face the game with the right attitude. The results of the game will affect the team's prospects in the Champions League, if we played bad game, then there can not win the group may. "In cold weather, Juve game away against Shakhtar Donetsk will never relaxed the past three years, the Italian league is alleged match-fixing 70 games, including 20 Serie Brussels to local media reports, according to the focus on monitoring sports betting a survey of private enterprise "sports radar" (Sportradar) recognized five leagues in Europe, the Italian Football League's cheating problem is more serious., Arsenal FC Jersey this world-renowned company, headquartered in Switzerland, through 400 international bookmakers betting monitoring analysis to discover the presence of cheating suspected football match in Europe in June 2009 to November 2012, more than 140,000 game. analysis by tracking, "the sports radar" Company shortly before a report lists the European Professional Football "cheating standings in the three years period of time, according to the company's report, a total of 70 games in the Italian League" match-fixing "suspects, including 20 games Grade League. Belgian Football League may be the most "clean" European professional league, because this league is just a game of "match-fixing" suspects. league in France and the Netherlands are also "clean" the list of the league, in this period of time bilateral league only two games "match-fixing" suspects. Albania is the sports radar "on this list, the number one" bad student "league of the country in the past three years more than The game of "match-fixing" suspect up to 97 games. more quizzes including Moldova (66 games), Estonia (46 games), Greece (45 Cheap SAHIN Liverpool Home Long Sleeve 2012-2013 Shirt / Kit games), Russia (42 games) and Macedonia (35 games). Pato modified car to pay tribute to the iconic Ferrari transfiguration U.S. military fighter released in Milan this week Champions League big list, another missing Pato figure, the Brazilian glass man once again suffered a thigh muscle strain, but the injury is obviously did not affect the mood of Pato, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport reported Pato also recently taking the time to own car modified, a Ferrari 458 Italia almost transformed into a land-based fighter from top to bottom: the Pato's modified cars, modified car - Chris Brown, American fighter "Gazzetta dello Sport," said Pato a friend in Negage Arno, Italy opened a converted factory designed for luxury cars, while on weeks Pato came here specially modified car. Pato in this Ferrari 458 Italia systemic played in a similar screw on the American fighter's body, while still in the car body spraying of American fighter Logo flag, the car looks almost become a land American fighter. Pato American rap singer Chris Liverpool FC Shirts - Brown as their idols - Chris Brown in the past had their own seat driving Lamborghini Gallardo same modification, and of Pato this time to do so precisely in order to pay tribute to the idols. marked with its own unique imprint to the car, Pato also his birthday September 2, 1989 printed on the after this Ferrari rear fender. during the refit, Pato to pay 7000 euros. course, Pato terms, only a very small number of 7000 euros, but Italian media pointed out, Pato in the case of constant injuries, not to concentrate on the treatment to be resumed as soon as possible, but think of all the enjoyment of the over-the-counter, which makes the Milan fans were very unhappy about the time when the players on the pitch performance, people can tolerate them in the various luxury quirks Stadium, even this relish. "Gazzetta dello Sport" If Pato on the pitch did not complete their work, then he should not be the time spent in a similar superficial behavior " on.

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