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Mushi Real Madrid La Liga has Cheap Arsenal Jersey harvested 250 Stadium 2.87 ball into the history of the highest

Posted Nov 14 2012 3:27am

In 87 games in La Liga, Mourinho led Real Madrid scored 250 goals, averaging 2.87 goals data history. Municipal stadium in Valencia, Real Madrid Levante small victory in a hard rain after World War 2 1. These two goals, Mu's Real Madrid La Liga 249 and 250 goals. Cheap Arsenal Jerse y Mourinho led his unit scored 250 league goals to become the fifth head coach in Real Madrid history,. Whites coach Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid in the first season, scored 102 goals. In the last season, Real Madrid scored a record 121 goals in La Liga record. Real Madrid scored a total of 27 goals in 11 league games this season before. In a total of 87 games, the Mushi Real Madrid goals reached as many as 250 balls. League goals in Real Madrid's history, more than Mourinho coach a total of only four. Munoz team scoring 809 goals, led his unit Haq scored 304 goals, Del Bosque's team scoring 301 goals. The Moroni Shuaidui scored 251 goals, Mourinho is nearing completion of his transcendence. Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid in the history of scoring standings, being ranked fifth. But the presence of both goals, Mushi Real Madrid has been the strongest in the history of the. Cheap SUAREZ Bayern Munich 2012-2013 Shirts Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid can field scored 2.87 goals, this data beyond the four in front of him marshal. Munoz Beenhakker Bosque Moroni coach of Real Madrid in the league in field goals were 1.90 ball, 2.18 ball, 1.96 ball and a 2.05 goals. Messi scored the first goal, Villa and not with him celebrate. The contradiction between the two superstars, it seems that public signs. Barcelona 4 to 2 victory over Mallorca, Messi scored twice, but the Villa starting line-up failed to get scoring chances, gourd doll was eventually replaced in advance. This season, Messi twice already in the field complain Villa do not give themselves passing the Western media rumors contradiction between the two superstars. The contradiction between the two, and now seems to have been open. Messi broke Villa and he did not even celebrate. Macy's personal first ball, a frontier closed area of ??long-range. After the long-range break, Messi ran to the left the restricted area of ??Mallorca, Villa Road Closed. Many Barcelona teammates ran to congratulate the Macy flea tied Billy annual ball 75. But Villa was only symbolic applause, and chatted up Alves and his side. In the presence of Villa, Barcelona scored a total of three Authentic soccer jerseys goals. In fact, Villa only participate in the celebration of the first ball, he congratulated Xavi free kick score. Tello long-range break, Villa also very cold. Perhaps the feel dissatisfied, happened to be in his usual position of left winger Tello. Messi twice in court to complain about Villa Villa also did not celebrate Messi's goal, the relationship between the two is clearly not so "healthy". Although Barcelona have been hoping up and down in window dressing in public, but Messi and Villa contradiction apparently already signs of the outbreak. Villa's contract will expire in the summer of 2014, Barcelona is likely at next summer to sell, and the introduction of more young Nei Maer. After Real Madrid 2-1 victory over Levante, both players clashed after the game. "Aspen" interview, Levante veteran Juanfran, recovered at the scene. Juanfran accused Pepe provocation and an insult to Levante, he angrily denounced Pepe unworthy for Real Madrid. "In the 20-meter player channel, Pepe laughed at us, and we dance, make insulting gestures of provocation. Asked Pepe, he in the end accept the kind of training, and told him that he does not deserve wearing the Real Madrid shirt. been violated, looks like he seems to Cheap Liverpool Home Jersey win the same. "Juanfran said," part of the Real Madrid player Pepe advancing the visitors' locker room, but he still continue to provoke us. Ballesteros beat him? after the end of the first half of the so dry! "In addition to Pepe, as well as the security of a Real Madrid players in trouble. Referee Munoz - Fernandez requested the police to find the one pushing a number of our players Real Madrid security personnel, he pushed me. "Juanfran went on to say," Pepe completely did not mind, he just want to provoke one loses, the team and the referee know David - Navarro do what, perhaps David - navarro because the elbow C Luo in Cheap Arsenal Jerse y the dismissal of, perhaps Beleth Ballesteros move the criticism, but Pepe's behavior to be harsh. "small victory in the Battle of the Levante, Real Madrid 2 1 C ot opening David - Navarro broke the corner of the eye, Mr. 96,000,000 bleeding. Adhere Ayala first half and scored a goal, C Luo was replaced in advance, he will be absent because of injury Portugal this week's warm-up match. However, in an interview with the official website of Levante, David - Navarro denied that he intended to hurt Cheap Vermaelen Arsenal 2012-2013 Home Jersey the C Luo. David - Navarro denied intentionally hurt C Luo famous stadium villains, used under Blackfoot stampede Messi also Boxing Burdisso banned for seven months around the world. "This is completely unintentional, I do not want to hurt the C Luo. Emergencies, I let other people for their own injuries and regret, but I want to reiterate that I totally unintentionally." David - Navarro statement, "I have contact in the morning on C Lo, I inquired about his condition, and wish him a speedy recovery." Although David - Navarro claimed to have no intention to foul, but taking into account his misdemeanors history, His position is unpersuasive. Pepe was regarded as "Monk", largely because of the Real Madrid high visibility. In fact, David - Navarro in "dirty" in no way inferior to Pepe. The 32-year-old central defender, his career has been with the red card as partners. "Aspen Daily News" today produced a video, a list of the most famous of the four violent foul David - Navarro. The David - Navarro debut in Valencia youth camp in the beginning of this century, he was against Real Madrid malicious Feichan Figo knee. Figo was not injured, the Portuguese accused David - Navarro, Barcelona 2012-2013 Gerard Pique Away Football Shirt David - Navarro hand, with his head against the head scolded. Against Barcelona, ??David - Navarro from behind deliberately stepped on Messi ankle, the unsuspecting almost kicked flea. In the last season against Peabody, David - Navarro in Zhengding an elbow playing badly beaten Llorente. But in order to avoid their own dismissal of David - Navarro pretend they were elbowing fall to the ground and was stretchered off the field. David - Navarro perfect acting, he escaped a red card of the disaster. David - Navarro's most famous act of violence occurred in the 06/07 season in the Champions League 1/8 finals. Valencia draw with Inter Milan at home 0 0 赛后马切纳 clashed  Cheap Arsenal Jerse y with Burdisso, both players floundered. David - Navarro the bench ran into the venue, facial facing Burdisso is a punch, Burdisso's nose almost to be interrupted. The David - Navarro ran away, after the violence, he successfully escaped Cruz, Ivan Cordoba and Maicon three recorded feitui. David - Navarro ran back to the team bench before he heads held high like a successful football hero touchdowns. David - Navarro eventually a heavy price to pay for this boxing event, he was FIFA the global suspended for up to 7 months old.

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