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Manchester United Jones repeatedly miss low efficiency

Posted Mar 06 2013 3:46am
Manchester United 1-2 home reverse were eliminated from the Champions League, the Triple Crown of broken dreams, the referee blows factors Real Madrid, Manchester United're also grasp the opportunity the ability some opportunities to score in Manchester United went into, indeed Real Madrid goalkeeper Diego - Lopez play too good reason, but there were times, real Welbeck of Manchester United for Real Madrid and into the abyss.

Welbeck Manchester United first leg at the Bernabeu to get out of the hero, but he replaced Rooney's position starter, which most people do not think this Ferguson explained: "We know that Alonso Real Madrid controlled the pace of the game one around him to let him stop conveying our team in Welbeck is best at this, he can behind Van Persie. Rooney seems to need a game or two, he has done in the second half of last Saturday Yes, he should Black Ray Ban Sunglasses be in the second half to play to win the game for us. "

Alonso restrictions Welbeck really done a good job, the Real Madrid midfielder is not running smoothly, reducing the speed of the Real Madrid forward, but on offense, Welbeck, he had a very bad first half He wasted a lot of opportunities.

Diego - Los 21 minutes, Ryan Giggs out of the right corner, Vidic 6 yards header was turned back right post, Welbeck close complement Kongmen of actually direct the ball to fall to the ground Pace arms. Despite the ball referee whistled for offside, but the last shot should not be so. 25 minutes, Van Persie drop pass the Welbeck plug restricted rib cage shot by Ramos denied the bottom line. 34 minutes, Robin van Persie broke into the restricted area shot by Diego - Lopez denied Welbeck 10 yards blank range direct hit Diego - Men's Oakley Sunglasses Lopez body.

The Welbeck credit in the second half of Manchester United's goal in the 48th minute, Nani restricted left side pass, Welbeck rub the ball deflecting shells into the net to play in the body of Ramos, but the ball Welbeck is lucky hit luck Nani pass aim at Welbeck pass, pass routes a little amount in advance, but Welbeck did not decisive rob, waiting for him to react only rub under the ball, the ball He opportunities directly into the. After Welbeck's shot to continue the quality is not high in the first 73 minutes, Evra restricted left side pass, play into the hands Welbeck the six yards header from the middle Diego - Lopez. 80 minutes, Rafael cross from the right, Welbeck 10 yards shot was back he denied.

In addition to the shot differential, Welbeck affect the play of Van Persie Welbeck replaced Rooney's position, but he Oakley New Arrivals Sunglasses does not have the passing ability of Rooney, Van Persie is simply not his support, in the attack, Van Persie and Welbeck position reversed, often Persie retracement to organize pass, Welbeck top in front, Van Persie to pass the ball to Welbeck, often Welbeck directly on the end of the offensive. Before Rooney playing 73 minutes, Van Persie shot basically rely on personal capacity, mainly by the individual dribbling breakthrough space, and Rooney play, he got the support, have a larger space to display.

Welbeck today's match, and a lot of Manchester United fans feel about him: people love to hate, to love him in the field at physical running, scraping, and hate his frontcourt offensive opportunities wasted, fortunately Welbeck still young, only 22 years old, there is room to grow, and if he can improve the success rate in the offensive, and that he will be not inferior to Rooney players. It is composed by sunglasseswholesaleshop 03.06.2013
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