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Liverpool 3x falling on the relegation zone

Posted Dec 28 2012 8:06am
After the top for the 08-09 season, Liverpool in a long dark period. Benitez, Hodgson, Dalglish has left the 12-13 season, the 39-year-old Northern Ireland Marshal Rogers became Liverpool manager. But read this article half of the summer season, the technical reform did not make Liverpool a skyrocket. And also way back when 36 months, Liverpool still are not ready to burst into the top four ranks.

The team leadership Roundup: shame start occasional bright spot

12-13 season, Liverpool's first create countless shame. League first round 0-3 defeat to West Brom, is one among the painful opener with the 75 a great deal of the Red Army defeat! Lost on back badly, or ,37-38 season League opener on August 28, 1937 1-6 defeat to Ferreira Chelsea Away Jersey Chelsea. For 75 years, Liverpool has not been such type of pain. The 2-2 draw with Manchester City, let Liverpool a little bit slow breath, but 3 0-2 defeat Arsenal three league only get 1, right here is the worst oncoming of Half a century. 4 Liverpool 1-1 draw against Sunderland, four draws and a defeats, an archive for worst start in 101 years! 5 1-2 defeat to Manchester United, the Red Army start five victorious ...

After a century of shame start, Liverpool ushered in eight unbeaten, but it surely seems the scenery of one's unbeaten, but deeply helpless: the record of three wins, 5 draws. Rogers point concept begun be players accept ,5-2 victory over Norwich 3-0 victory over Wigan two games, Liverpool have played momentum. 8 draw against Stoke City, Swansea, Everton, Newcastle, Chelsea, Liverpool washed four plans hit. Searching for, Liverpool near the very best four, always poor tone; look down Liverpool not just a bit rather than the relegation zone team. 16 when Liverpool were the primary 10, the space of this first four seven points, seven points through the relegation! This is basically the epitome of Liverpool this half.

Only belonging to the check out the performance about this half, Liverpool tough to accompanied by the title of wealthy. 17, Liverpool's highest ranking is 10, usually hovering at 12-16. Number the relegation zone: 1,3,5 rounds are ranked 18. End for the world after a first game, the 18 Liverpool hearty 4-0 victory over Fulham, before the historic up to 8. Half only three games this holiday season for Liverpool fans quickly see :5-2 Ivanovic 3-0 Wigan 4-0 Fulham, that may be considered a unique bright spot.

The focus in the players: savior Suarez controversial King Suarez

During summer time transfer period, Adam, Carroll, Spearing, Aquilani, Kuyt, Bellamy, Maxi 12 players leaving the, the introduction of Joe Aaron, Shaheen, Borigni and, Esai Di, after two rarely played, the Liverpool PIQUE Barcelona Long Sleeve Jersey so only out without. So, the Liverpool attack only bear by Suarez. 18 after Liverpool scored 27 goals, Suarez dedicate 11 goals as well as assists, directly working in the team half goals. Liverpool Suarez dependency syndrome is clearly seen, Uruguay, No. 7, much like the attacking midfielder threat passed ball; continue to try to destroy as being a winger; rattling from the goals for those team like center. Suarez is busy, they are a Liverpool offensive line big get. Suarez, Liverpool fell by half offensive firepower.

But Suarez in addition end up being the most troublesome problem of Liverpool, Uruguayan style, decided he weren't able to end up like this pillar-type striker Robin van Persie, Suarez for the center position, affix the label independent wave radio. Su teeth 102 shots Guanjue from the Premier League, something shot effectiveness of 10%; much better than Van Persie, Mi Qiu this sort of shot an achiever rate of 20% -30% of your striker. Plus Uruguayan temperament easily irritable, statistically, Su teeth Premiership 13 yellow cards, and 7 received vent their dissatisfaction in the referee. Suarez is surely a good player, a high striker, but Liverpool burden of pressure on him someone, it isn't really the best reasonable method. The Red Army must have a real striker to partner Suarez, these in order to avoid weaknesses.

Half forecast: hope the rescue joined the liberation Suarez Gerrard

This season's Premier League, the relationship is chaotic. Man utd and Manchester City is still initial couple of, but the other two Champions League qualifying competition with regard to added intense. Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Everton and also West Brom, integral bite very tight. Liverpool also exists hoping how the impact within the first four, but should be a solid rebound with the job while in the wife or husband of the season. The winter signings are a important element inside rumors Liverpool won 12 million pounds Situliqi 4,000,000 reintroduction Innsbruck. However, it is worrying, Stewart Ritchie, Suarez, Stirling three Sri Lankan offensive line, the cabability to blend? The three these are utilized to going it alone, in any other case handled properly, Liverpool's attack are only more messy.

December Lucas' return is actually, Liverpool Chamberlain Arsenal Jersey finally welcome to the best quality defensive midfielder. Will definitely get better, the actual half Lucas Gerrard liberation of more energy straight into the attack. In theory, the Liverpool defense and midfield main configuration, using the ability within the impact from the first four. However, as stated before, Liverpool turn to who is going to score? Suarez to get, but wasted the option is just too big serious, Stewart Ritchie at Chelsea the regular few months not playing ball, even joining Liverpool, or why not be qualified to carry giving her a very task of that shared goal? Liverpool's deep bench people worrying intensive events within the other half with the FA Cup, European Cup, the Red Army ought to focus on a multi-line combat. In short: Liverpool hope rescue joining.

Most people care for can be Liverpool hope burst in the top four? Rogers before defeat character, Liverpool's goal is not the top four, however the first couple of! Results, then just off the sound, Liverpool on the 1-3 loss to Aston Villa. Any difficulty . Liverpool should a lot more low-key, more pragmatic. From your practical standpoint, Manchester City, Man utd ranked top two Benitez, Chelsea scored the original four is not really very much difficulty,Abramovichsmashing this money to purchase a striker are likely to solve the difficulty. Another seats? Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton are shattered head, if it's not the sensational signings to ensure that the strength of soaring Liverpool there is much surprise exactly what afraid that can keep miss the most important four. It is composed by naballersevenyc 12.28.2012 Tag: Chelsea Third Long Sleeve Jersey
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