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Lamela broke Rome for Cheap Liverpool Away Shirts six consecutive games in the history of the second was a teammate victim

Posted Nov 13 2012 2:48am

Lazio and Rome this season, the first leg of dedicated five wonderful goal in the Rome derby, which include high quality feet

kick. Candreva first half lead to Rome goalkeeper Goicochea the ball into their own net nest baoshe, Pjanic game before the end of

play kick the ultra-long-range free kick, this foot kick bore a striking resemblance to Ronaldinho South Korea and Japan World Cup

classic. Candreva feet kick in the first 34 minutes of the first half the game. At that time, Bradley gave Lazio a free kick

opportunity in the area before the foul. Before any ball 埃尔南内斯 this time of opportunity for Candreva, the Italian Shinco

internationals after the run-up a few steps, select the right foot vigorously boom gate, the ball through Rome sloppy wall , went

straight to the goal. Because the game when it began to rain, the ball surface is slippery and Candreva foot shot forces, Rome

goalkeeper Goicochea touched the ball, Authentic Football Shirt but failed to get the ball he denied the goal, the ball flew into the home network to nest.

Candreva the tablets kick position is good, and is located in a distance of only 30 meters from the goal area before. Free kick,

Candreva can have a variety of options, but he did not try to kick the arc, also did not try to kick the dead ends, is volley. Rain

war, this is the easiest choice, but also the most effective option. The flight path after the injection of the ball very straight,

very appropriate to describe Candreva feet kick shell leaving shells. This foot kick to help Lazio equalized, "full market" and

"Mediaset" after the game gave him the highest 7.5 score higher than Klose. Before the end of the second half of the match, coming

off the bench Pjanic kick-quality free kick. 85 minutes, Pjanic penalty right side of the long-range free kick, the ball directly

toward Cheap KUYT Liverpool 2012-2013 Shirts the goal, Marchetti attack early, pull back on the way to trying to reach out and prop the ball, and prop out failed to get

the ball, the ball close to the beam into the net. The shot Pjanic location is not ideal, too far away from goal, almost near the

midfield line, but he successfully hit the target. "Mediaset" gave him six points. Pjanic have a decent kick skills before joining

Rome, drew much Juninho true biography, last season, had scored a free kick. Pjanic foot shot is very reminiscent of the 2002 World

Cup Ronaldinho feet God. At that time, Brazil and England meet in the 1/4 finals. The second half started just five minutes,

Ronaldinho, he unexpectedly left foot free kick 35 meters outside the medial direct lob England goalkeeper David Seaman was

unprepared for the ball to draw strange arc from the door to the top left of dead ends net. Ronaldinho this foot free kick Cheap Arsenal Home Jerseys the

falling arc in front of more obvious. However, Pjanic foot shot location farther away from goal. Ronaldinho shot position 35 meters

from the goal, Pjanic shot position 45 meters from the goal (data from "Corriere dello Sport"). Shot more difficult, more deceptive

for the goalkeeper to make a wrong judgment, even Marchetti. Candreva, grain kick helped Lazio win the game further established his

status key player in Lazio. Pjanic kick grains help to improve the situation of his squad. Since the start of the new season,

Pjanic lose the main location. This foot kick will give him increased competition and Bradley, Florencio Qi chips. With Lazio in

the Rome derby, Lamela opening nine minutes, scoring, scoring his sixth consecutive game, he also became a continuous break

screenings ranked second and more players in the history of the Roma . Red card because his teammates have participated twice Rome

derby are benched, the Lamela really become a Rome derby in Cheap ROBBEN Bayern Munich Away Jersey the most embarrassing hapless. Serie 12 Rome derby, Rome earlier scored

a goal by Lazio even three goals 3-2 defeat. Lamela broke the deadlock for Rome, Candreva, Klose and Mauri Lazio goals Pjanic

scored a free kick before the whistle. De Rious Serie A after 90 players on behalf of non-small Pharaoh Lamela is the most

qualified to become a player representative players in Serie A after 90. Serie A after 12 cruised Lamela so far has scored eight

goals in the Serie A standings, Lamela is also with Chaaraoui and Cavani tied for the top scorer position, pull Meira has now

become a contender for the most powerful of the Serie A Golden Boot. Of course, the competition for this season's Serie A Golden

Boot and super striker Cavani for Lamela quite difficult out enough to pay their own efforts, he also need strong support from

teammates, and with a little luck help. Break Totti's record, as well as Cheap 2011-12 MULLER Bayern Munich Away Shirts among the people of the location of the Serie A top scorer

was delighted to see, but this the Rome derby Querang Lamela very depressed. Roma coach Zeman in the second half to maintain the

strength of the team midfielder Daniele De Rossi was sent off before halftime Lamela hapless just a start in the second half of the

match and was replaced. If De Rossi did not get a red card, who do not know the state is extremely popular Lamela in the second

half will help Rome achieve more goals. In addition, this is not Lamela for the first time since the team was a red card early

benched, 26 match of the Serie A last season, the same Rome derby Stekelenburg in the first seven minutes sent off 2 minutes

Houlameila goalkeeper Labant replace end. Red card because his teammates have participated twice Rome derby are benched, the Lamela

really become a Rome derby in the most embarrassing hapless. ### Cheap Liverpool shirts 0007 ###

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