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King's Cup semi-finals century Derby debt of gratitude and of revenge

Posted Feb 26 2013 3:05am
February 25, Barcelona's official website and the "World Sports Daily" overall review of the King's Cup history the national derby and the two teams in the history of the King's Cup semi-final experience, Barcelona and Real Madrid meet in the semifinals 6 each side the cut three times, and the field the cut the suspense in half.

King's Cup history a hundred years, the earliest called Alfonso XIII cup,, followed by the Republic Cup and the Supreme Commander of Franco's generals Cup, the last is the name now. Barcelona and Real Madrid called the King's Cup, the century-old enemy, the inaugural Cup in 1902, the two teams in the semi-final encounter. Was a given outcome, beat Barcelona 3-1 Real Madrid game starting lineup legendary, Barcelona Green Ray Ban Sunglasses founder Gamber was among them.

Since then, Barcelona and Real Madrid, two great clubs met frequently in the history of the King's Cup, kicked a total of 31 games, Barcelona 14 wins, 7 draws and 10 losses a slight advantage. Including the inaugural event, both sides suffered in the King's Cup semi-finals six times, Barcelona and Real Madrid each qualify for the finals three times, the last in the 92/93 season, out of Barcelona, Real Madrid won the King's Cup championship that season.

In addition to the King's Cup semi-finals, the two teams in the early knockout encountered 12 times 7 promotion of Barcelona, Real Madrid 5 times singing the last 1/4 finals of the 11/12 season, Barcelona advanced to the semifinals and then rounded out Nike Sunglasses the final cup . Barcelona is currently the halls of honor of the King's Cup team's brightest light, a total of 26 wins and nine runner-up. Last season, Barcelona, Guardiola led the final 3-0 victory over Athletic Bilbao.

From Tuesday to Saturday, 5 days, staged two national derby history this week kicked two countries Derby example occurred in a total of 13 times, a total of 26 games, including 12 wins Barcelona, Real Madrid 7 wins, the other 7 games to play flat. Intensive national derby on Today, fans of the feast, but not necessarily in the early to enjoy. The two teams first two staged intensive dialogue is the original two-legged semi-final of the 15/16 season, the game just need to play two games Marc Jacobs Sunglasses boycott of error, but due to the spate of enforcement of the referee, the two teams had to be within two weeks even and kicked four countries Derby.

Week two countries Derby, most the two rounds Cup showdown, this case a total of eight times, including Barcelona six times to win, Real Madrid 2 cup, the Galacticos glorious moment are the 85/86 season and 11/12 season West Super Cup. 13 times intensive national derby history books, only 1 King's Cup and La Liga convergence, that is the first two served in the 10/11 season, the famous "21 days, four games, which the national derby", April 17, 2011 La Liga 32 Real Madrid home 1-1 to Barcelona, four days after King's Cup final to Real Madrid 1-0 Barcelona. It is composed by sunglasseswholesaleshop 02.26.2013
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