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Kahn: German team Cheap Bayern Munich Jersey made rapid progress this season has come to dominate the European moment

Posted Nov 22 2012 2:44am
This season, the former representative of German football, Bayern feats captain Kahn in the German "Bild" has opened its own column, with various rumors and news of the most trenchant way Reviews Bayern Munich and German football. This season in the Champions League, three teams in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke have a decent play, three teams are expected together to break through the group stage, joined forces knockout stage. European League, Bundesliga teams are also flourishing. Kahn said that the German football after the development of recent years, has come to the moment that won the war in Europe trophy! Kahn data for the following column full text: The German team won the war in Europe when the trophy! Dear fans, this season, the Bundesliga club performance, play in the European arena memorable. We hope to see all seven participating teams are finalists to the knockout stage of the Champions League and the European Union. Hannover and Bayer Leverkusen have already qualified for the other five teams in their fate firmly in the grasp in their own Cheap Bayern Munich Away Jersey hands, promotion promising. There are two game day, we can see a transcript of the German team. This will also allow Bundesliga vertex hit five years this season, the integral of the Bundesliga teams have reached 8357 points, the strongest in Europe. Many fans believe that, when the German team to win, we expected the war in Europe in 2001 after winning the first championship. Bundesliga ushered in a golden age, whether it is competitive or economic, the Bundesliga has more than a lot of the European League. Moreover, the data suggest that, the Bundesliga fans already more than 40 million people. Bundesliga rapid development, has become a multi-billion euro industry. Both broadcast contract or contract for a variety of network media are in constant prices. Since the 2006 World Cup in Germany, more and more clubs started to increase investment in high-tech training methods, more staff input, Bundesliga teams are making progress. Take a look at our talent, the former German football How can there be such a scene. Other European leagues, in the struggle and the bad economic Cheap HIGUAIN Jersey situation. Especially the leagues in Spain and Italy, is a bad example. In short, the German team has been in the lead, especially after the implementation of UEFA's financial fair play rules, we will see a change. Of course, part of the team's success can not hide all the problems, the recent bankruptcy of Aachen, before Bielefeld, Bochum, Duisburg's financial problems, but also highlights a problem, that is, the record is not outstanding the team, it is difficult to guarantee financial success. Therefore, this is also a problem of the German professional league, must have adequate strategies and methods to ensure that the income of the team there is no way to participate in the war in Europe, which is a major problem for professional football. In short, the economic foundation of the German team, there echelon construction has reached a mature stage, the performance of the players is very good, the team is progress. I dare say, in the near future, the German team won in the Champions League and European League field. Of course, the players want to Cheap Frimpong Arsenal 2012-2013 Home Jersey win and the will is also very important. In my opinion this season, the German team has to be able to won the trophy of the European arena moments! Franck Ribery "The Return of the King", vowing to help Bayern win. The Gomez and 巴德施图贝尔 the game will also be back, the duo also said before the game I hope to help the team win. Bayern fighting off Valencia, the team has three main players can not play, the Boateng, Robben, Gustavo stay in Munich recuperate. The good news is that the the weekend league out injured Franck Ribery game can come back and the, Bayern "King" also said that even if the teeth endured the pain but also to help the team get a victory. The game is back the front Pa the Gomez and 后卫巴德施图贝尔, Gomez said that all of their expectations are not too high, the Bard can re-play halfback excited. Munich Daily: Gomez hopes to reduce the expectation value Bayern "King" Franck Ribery missed the weekend league fans, the results of the team to play the Cheap Juventus Youth Jersey mess, but fortunately the Champions League he would come back. Franck Ribery said, although his injuries are not fully recovered, but also did not return to the state of the game, but they will help Bayern to achieve a victory, "My injury is more complicated than people think, but to this time The team must win, I set teeth have to play in the match. "In short, an important game, I have played! we need is victory!" Ribery said. Comeback for Franck Ribery, Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge expressed satisfaction with full confidence in his team's victory, "we must kick better than the weekend, but see Franck Ribery I can rest assured, he recently several month state of great If Barcelona Messi, Real Madrid, C Luo, Manchester United Wayne Rooney then Franck Ribery Bayern's key players and representatives can be said that each team has a need to rely on individual players play when we have to rely on is Franck Ribery. "Gomez, will also be back in the Valencia game, this is the first time after his injury into the Cheap FERREIRA Chelsea Home Long Sleeve Jersey team's official game list. Gomez said he was only just back on the court, we do not give yourself too much expectation values, "we have reached consensus, I will get playing time against Valencia short playing time, as well as on the ball the importance of team tactics, we must look at the meaning of the coach. course, I had just come back soon, happy I can enter the list short, I will try to play and see what it "the same in The game will be back there 后卫巴德施图贝尔, last weekend's league Bard has appeared in the Bayern bench, the game against Valencia, he is expected to come back as a central defender. Bard said he was very happy to return to the halfback "comeback, I naturally want to play halfback, although the team has a number of excellent defender, but I have the confidence to get the first conclusion, the Valencia game I want to be playing to help team win this season, we lose the ball much, who have the ability to win. "the Manzu Keech and Cheap MILNER Jersey salute celebrate Sharqi action aroused controversy, the German Football Association announced the celebration of the two is a warning . The game away to Nuremberg, Bayern Munich 3 minutes to score, scoring the Manzu of Keech and teammates Sharqi Lane celebration has aroused controversy. The goal 后曼祖基奇 rushed to the sidelines, a salute to King fans and Sharqi inside with, which caused a discussion. Media that the duo is a tribute to the two Croatian generals has just been released, although the Manzu Keech and Sharqi inside this denied, but the German Football Association recently held a conference to announce this celebration of two once warned. The the Manzu Keech broker remarks, I am afraid to cause trouble. "Munich Daily": According to reports, the German Football Association has given Bayern sent a warning letter to the requirements the Sharqi inside and Manzu Keech remorse for the German Football Association warned Manzu Keech and Sharqi inside. In fact, they are not specifically designed for this celebration may contain political connotations, but for this celebration of action may lead to misunderstandings. German ### Thanksgiving Day Cheap Arsenal Jerseys 888888 ### Football Association spokesman said, "We do have sent a letter to Bayern, we ask the club for rectification, warning during the celebration after the two players choose carefully the way, do not come up this misunderstanding things." this celebration, Manzu Keech and Sharqi inside long been said that the total lack of any political connotation. Manzu Keech said, they are completely not a concern for the political players, too happy after scoring the only choice without hesitation that way, King salute to celebrate that they have not the first time used. The teenager Sharqi inside a wronged innocent like, "I just ran over to celebrate with him nothing, I simply do not know what is going on." Sharqi inside. Manzu Keech already clarified his broker's position may once again lead to a new topic. Interview Manzu Zigic's agent, said the proud celebration for the players, "I Manzu Keech very proud, I am proud of his brave celebrations this way, together and the Croatian people in faraway Germany, with the victorious return of the two generals happy. "seems Manzu Keech is in trouble.
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