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Juventus VS the North Zealand score: Marchisio Matri worst

Posted Nov 08 2012 2:53am

Champions League Group E 4, Juventus 4-0 victory over North Zealand, the first victory in the Champions League this season. Performance Juve Little Prince "Marchisio opened the scoring for the team after the game to get the highest score of 7.5 audience; Matri second half assists Quagliarella break, but he wasted in the game too and more opportunities, and the team after the game to get the lowest score. Juventus score: Gianluigi Buffon (6.5): This is a relaxing night opponent audience, after all, only three scoring chances, but did not pose a threat. Barzagli (6.5): pressure defense today is not huge, most of the time they are in to help defend the midfield as well as involved in the attack. Bonucci (6.5): when the opponent striker of the very few times in the game to face array, was fairly stable. Chiellini (6.5): steady as a rock-solid defender, once he is not in the field, immediately you can feel the difference. Isla (6.5): This game showed excellent state several times to create a threat in the frontcourt, Marchisio and Vidal's goal from his passing. Vidal (7 points): his excellent offensive ability of the team is extremely important, but it should be careful not to let their own fatigue. Pirlo (7): The three goals of the game in relation to New Football Shirt Marchisio goals he passed Isla Matri assists Quagliarella is received out corner, Giovinco scoring he Zhisai assists, Pirlo directed tonight's victory. Marchisio (7.5): the excellent quality of his shot, The rapid scoring for the team to be able to put down pressure to chase victory. Asamoah (6.5): looks like he has inexhaustible stamina. Matri (6 points): assists to help his teammates made a goal, but he wasted scoring opportunities than he created more chances, especially that single-handedly confront goalkeeper success even failed to score. Giovinco (7 points): he responded with a goal on his challenge, he interspersed with running in the frontcourt, does make the striker lot of flexibility. Subs: Bo Geba (6 points), Quagliarella (7), the Lucio (6) North Zealand score: Hansen (7 points), Parkhurst (5.5 points), Ao Kelei (5.5 points), Lunye (6 points), Mudilijia (5), Enoch - Adu (5 points), Stoke Holm (5.5 points), Lorenzen (6 points) Laudrup (5 points), Joshua - John (5.5 points), Beckman (5.5 points) when fans still sorry for Kaka "Fall, a genius named Oscar turned out. Oscar emaciated body contains huge amounts of energy, in Chelsea's Champions League, the 21-year-old Brazilian genius game 4 ball, long shots of the world's waves, ultra long-range lob everything Qiangdian. £ 25 million in his game against the miners, and gave a brilliant 40-meter lob Real Madrid Shirts broke! Chelsea vs. Shakhtar Donetsk Torres seize the other mistakes opened the scoring William soon equalizer, Oscar scored the go-ahead goal. The second half William tie the game, to Moses last minute goal, Chelsea 3-2 lore miners. Oscar scoring occurred in the first 40 minutes at the miners the corner offensive Chelsea defuse, Azar, Mata two major genius organization counterattack. Seeing Torres has been rushed to the front line, Mata sent a long pass in the left side of his own half, miners goalkeeper had to be out of the restricted header siege. Headed the rescue is far enough, but the ball was just passed in the circle of Oscar ball on his chest, his right foot volley, the ball fly directly into Buddhism! The 41,067 fans at Stamford Bridge instant boiling! "Give this man an Oscar (to this man Oscar) BBC live marveled," What a great end of this far? Probably 40 meters! "Pure Brazilian style footwork. Oscar's remote volley, this is not a simple ball "end" into the door, nor is with arch Cuochu arc, but the use of the outside of the foot volley footwork. From slow mirror is very clear that Oscar to use his right foot outside the instep of development effort, with internal rotation of the ball in the air, the flight Cheap David Villa Barcelona Home Shirt speed is quite fast, some Xiang Jiaoqiu taste. Handle remote lob volley footwork, which requires a good feeling. Oscar-known to long-range, the ball for him to deal with them with ease. Oscar similar lob, fans should have seen a lot. South Africa World Cup Spain beat Chile battle Alonso Houchangchangzhuan launch a counterattack, Torres sprint, Chile goalkeeper Bravo bold attack ran siege not far outside the area, Villa left foot distance hanging Kongmen the succeeded. However, by contrast, Beriah that lob, the ornamental than Oscar foot volley Diaomen with. Gourd Doll is pushing with his left foot, the ball rolled into the door in front of the play after the Oscar shot nearly 40 meters direct flight strength. Four games of the new season, the Champions League, Oscar scored four goals in total! The Brazilian genius debut scored twice against Juventus, two goals are fired from outside the area. Especially the second ball, Oscar in a restricted area at the top of the arc carry Bonucci defensive turned and kicked baoshe, the ball into the sky goal corner. As an attacking midfielder, Oscar's passing standards are high, not only that, the the Brazil teenager's long-range rather then Kaka's charm. £ 25 million to introduce the Oscar? Chelsea can not lose! Although many of the media after the game, Monster Beats Wholesale said the miners goalkeeper gifts to Torres and Oscar "relative Torres was shot Oscar goal difficulty a lot. 4 games, 4 balls, Oscar C Lo scored five goals, and Soldado 4 tied for second place in the Champions League top scorer after. Midfielder Oscar just such a high goal efficiency, but also makes the "Daily Telegraph" issued emotion: Chelsea striker scoring not? Oscar Ivan Cahill in Especially in the Champions League, Oscar became the squad's top scorer.the Baltra retaining the ball mistakes Micoud steals shot hit Barthes pull the body, with Houbiliya replaced Sanchez 68 minutes to launch a counterattack, Celtics backcourt Micoud line protecting the ball Song kicked the referee failed to Song shown a second yellow card in the 69th minute, Al- Davis biography manufacturing corner. 70th minute Messi Zhisai Alba left Xiadichuanzhong, Macy outflank Tuishe goalkeeper saved 71 minutes, Pique and Fabregas debut, replaced Baltra, and Song. first 75 minutes, Alba biography guard Bigfoot siege. 1 minute after a cross from the right of the small law also rescue the first 77 minutes, Iniesta hit long-range 78 minutes, Alves biography was the top defender out of the restricted area, Alba long shots by defender denied the bottom line. 79th minute, tactical penalty corner, Villa long shots hitting high 80 minutes, Celtic counterattack Watt breakthrough is Cheap Monster Beats By Dr Dre Diamond Headphones Kobe Bryant Mascherano steals. minutes later, Alba goals left rib cage shot hit the guard body 82 minutes, Iniesta breakthrough, Ambrose Rosey foul, Barcelona won the restricted area before the kick, Messi kick shot goal near the corner, the goalkeeper confiscated 83 minutes, the Celtics long pass counterattack Watt single-handedly broke into the restricted area right rib, low shot break, Celtic 2-0 Barcelona. 85th minute, Messi the right pass, nodding the ball from the center of Alba after defender who hit the first 87 minutes, Celtic counterattack, Mascherano off under a watt at the foot of the ball 90 minutes, David Villa shot the ball in Pique who fly the bottom line. 91st minute, Pedro shot blocked by the goalkeeper, Messi blank range Jiangong, Celtic 2-1 Barcelona. audience end Celtic 2-1 Barcelona. Kyle special people (442): 1 - Foster / 23 - Luce Teague (71 'w), 6 - Wilson - Ambrose Rossett, 2 - Matthews / 67 - Man the Amazon 15 - Kang Mengsi, 16 - Ledley, 21 - Moore Turkoglu / 9 - Samaras (80 'Kaya Er), 7 - the Micoud Barcelona (433): 1 - Valdes / 2 - Alwi Sri Lanka, 14 - Javier Mascherano, 15 - Baltra (71 'Pique), 18 - Alba / 25 - Song (71' Fabregas), 8 - Iniesta, 6 - Harvey /

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