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Juventus announced two of Cheap Real Madrid Third Shirt the injury: Chiellini battle of Turin into doubt Pepe minor injuries

Posted Nov 27 2012 2:26am

The Chiellini right calf muscle injury has not yet healed, the ability to participate in the Turin derby is not yet say, just back Pepe is the inflammation of the left thigh muscle, but fortunately not serious. Local time on the evening of November 26, Juventus announced through the official website Chiellini and Pepe's injury, still recovering from the absence of the Battle of San Siro Italy defender right calf muscle injury, whether to participate in Sunday Turin derby is not easy to say; former Udinese winger is picking up an injury, but fortunately was not seriously injured. Chiellini Juventus and the Italian national team's main absolute, continuous campaign to finally let the Hud too much, life and death battle in the week with Chelsea's Champions League, the Italian defender in the defensive the other offensive players injured, the game is not over ahead of departure . After the game check the table 明基耶利尼 right calf muscle, and thus he missed the focus of the war of the last round of the league with Milan. You Wenguan Netcom divisions Chiellini latest injury, the player's right calf muscle injury has not yet healed, and inflammation. Training in order to avoid further deterioration of the injury Monday Cheap Real Madrid Third Shirt Chiellini did not participate in joint training, just upper body strength exercises in the gym, the ability to play on Sunday with Turin's city war to be questionable. Chiellini comeback against Lazio Pepe, left thigh muscle inflammation at old wounds, former Udinese winger Training, feel thigh muscle discomfort, ultrasound examination followed Futunatuo clinics The results show that the players did not appear strained thigh muscles, just old wounds at inflammation. Insurance purposes Pepe weeks new La Liga season, missed the team first class coach, 13 only nine points from the bottom of the rankings Spaniards announced the dismissal Rinpoche Tarantino. First class coach of the new La Liga season, the Spaniards officially announced the dismissal of Rinpoche Tarantino. 13 cruised to the league, the Argentine led his unit made only 2 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses nine points from the bottom of the rankings, there are two points from the relegation zone, to hand over the helm of his own dismal results. Rinpoche Tarantino with outgoing club sports director planes. Rinpoche Tarantino players era Argentine international, and has twice played for the Spaniards, he tripped in a game in the 2002 World Cup group match, Argentina and England have caused controversy Owen gave opponents Cheap IVANOVIC Jersey penalty. The Rinpoche Tarantino after retirement in December 2009 to take over the Mano Espanyol coach shortly after taking office, he will focus on bringing the Italian center Osvaldo replace the Old Boys of Tamudo, and eventually led his unit when the season relegation success. In October 2010, the Spanish Rinpoche Tarantino 2 years of the New Testament, he led made 8 and 14 in the last two seasons, respectively. But this season, the Spaniard lost of Uche, Davis, Kudiniao, Rome Rick Di Dake and Walter Pandiani up to six players, two big striker Sergio - Garcia and Beier Du and long-term injury. Team usher in first win until eight home 3-2 win over Rayo Vallecano, Rinpoche Tarantino job already precarious, yesterday the team in the 2-0 defeat to Getafe finally lit his class guide fire on request. Interestingly, the Rinpoche Tarantino than Guardiola took office a half a year later, just as Barcelona's city rivals than he leaves office in half a year later, the teach time the two sides roughly equal. "Marca" predict Espanyol coach popular candidate will be Aguirre, he had, respectively, Osasuna and Atletico Madrid into the league the first four, and also served as Mexico's national team coach, the 53-year-old Cheap Gervinho Arsenal 2012-2013 Home Jersey Mexican old handsome from the previous season, from Zaragoza after school has been staying at home. Another candidate is former Sevilla coach Marcelino, two in Barcelona. Marcelino had had and Spaniards have been in contact, but the negotiations did not go well, there are differences on the two sides in economic. Aguirre offer lower, more willing to accept short-term contracts, which are likely to let him eventually win. Leave the football Ibrahimovic also the focus of his autobiography even as the Nobel Prize in Literature candidate, his words and deeds, the same people scratching their heads. If Ibrahimovic is not playing football, he will embark on the road? May become the leader of the gang of Sweden, perhaps Taekwondo community superstar ... but no matter what occupation to choose, Ibrahimovic who's temperament is not going to change. Such as the demeanor of his loyalty, his views on love, that confusing. Sports Image | View Atlas | (1/30) forwarded to Micro-Bo Yibu 31-year-old Happy Birthday local time the evening of October 3, Paris and Porto Champions League second round contest, the results away from home in Paris The 0-1 defeat, the 3rd coincides with the birthday of 31-year-old Ibrahimovic, Sweden Tower of God failed birthday with Cheap Monster Beats Solo HD a goal and victory. Starting from Malmo, Sweden, to join Paris Saint-Germain, Ibrahimovic's footprints all over the Ruichao, Eredivisie, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue five league has for Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, ??AC Milan, 4 The European traditional giants effectiveness, and sit tight in the location of the main team. Ibrahimovic career full of controversy, he can slap the opponent flying kick teammates, but also at odds with coach, but no doubt Ibrahimovic's football level, as well as his performance, even if the dispute is more, is also worthy of a good player. Ibrahimovic astonishing remarks: see Guardiola once every "Please, tell Guardiola, I admit that in Catalonia could not reach him, but out of the Catalonia region, I see the future he once hit him once!" leave Barcelona, ??Ibrahimovic with such hard words express dissatisfaction against Guardiola. Champions League dream to join in the summer of 2009, Ibrahimovic with Barcelona, ??but soon discovered he was not the absolute core of Barcelona. In March 2010, Ibrahimovic almost no exchange with Guardiola. After leaving Barcelona, ??Ibrahimovic again viciously attacked melon Shuai "He really put myself as philosopher, completely posing Sven." Jieruchou Ibrahimovic big fellow like him, do not like "minced" men. Beckham Ibrahimovic once commented: "his Cheap EL SHAARAWY AC Milan Home Shirt 2012-13 vase, I did not like I will never, and he exchanged jerseys." 2002 Ajax Champions League against Manchester United, Ibrahimovic in front of the face of David Beckham The abusive Victoria. Ibrahimovic, if you do not pleasing to the eye, he will not hide their emotions and views. Ibrahimovic and Pique off back-illuminated "Barcelona effect caused uproar. The two Juhan a black ho car and almost fingers intertwined, manners intimacy, and even lead to the suspicion of homosexuality. A female reporter stopped was about to drive home Ibrahimovic Ibrahimovic straightforward question: "Are you gay you?" Ibrahim replied, "You come to my house to see." Female reporter responded, "I went to your house Ibrahim cold back a "piece out with your sister." AC Milan, Ibrahimovic once again into a the abusive female reporter storm. Ibrahimovic "civil and military": the autobiography cited literary concerned about the Chinese author Mo Yan became the winner of this year's Nobel Prize for Literature, the Swedish media in previously projected winners, Ibrahimovic impressively! Ibrahimovic's autobiography, "I Zela Tan - Ibrahimovic, sales volume is very high, just a month and a half, sales reached 520,000. But this is more of a speculation means Ibrahimovic's autobiography is not I write, but by a Cheap Evra Manchester United Away Shirt 2012-13 man named David - Lago Ireland Toz ghostwriter. Ibrahimovic autobiography the many Mengliao curse melon handsome "OVA" such as and Guardiola conflict, in the locker room and rebuked Pape "Compared Mourinho is the lump of feces, left Catalonia to see him play once, Ibrahimovic in his autobiography, wrote: "I told Guardiola, a Ferrari, and he treated me when Fiat driving since I was not his a plan. "blew own Milan teammates Onyewu interrupted ribs, then scissors event in Ajax ... cause great sensation. Ibrahimovic of love Appearance: faithful jiedi and the childhood of many players, Ibrahimovic is also poor children. He grew up in Malmo's Rosen garde slums mother had caught Tibetan dirty alcoholism father, sister drug, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is abstinence. Ibrahim was born in 1981, and his wife Helena was born was born in 1970. Ibrahimovic has two children, Maximilian Milan and Vicente. In today's materialistic, like Ibrahimovic superstar scandal insulation, indeed is very rare. Ibrahimovic is fluent in English, Italian, Bosnian, childhood experienced poor Ibrahimovic gratitude and in their birthplace Malmo Rosen garde, "Zela Tan stadium" Ibrahimovic funded, his pitches are provided lighting, fences and other facilities; 2008, Ibrahimovic turn own Nike clothing donated to his boyhood club Balkan FBK team.

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