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Inter lose still lags behind Cheap Real Madrid Youth Shirt Juventus 4 Christmas championship into 4 teams Luanzhan

Posted Nov 27 2012 2:23am

Inter Milan 0-1 Parma gap with Juventus still maintained at 4 points, Naples and Florence, but took the opportunity to overtake Inter seize the 2 and 3 position of the standings, the Serie A lead the four-team maximum points difference only 4 points, who can get the Christmas champion is still unknown
14 last game in Serie A, a guest Ennio - Tartini stadium Inter still did not find the winning feeling, not only did not borrow city rivals Milan blocking Juventus opportunity to narrow the points gap with leader, but suffered to nearly three second defeat, are still 28 points marking time, even by Naples and Florence took the opportunity to overtake. The top four teams in Serie A points difference is only 4 points, the Christmas champion who is still confusing. To ranked teams screenings ups for goals conceded goal difference integral 1 Juventus 14 10 2 2 29 10 19 32 2 Naples 14 9 3 2 23 11 12 30 3 Florence 14 8 4 2 25 12 13 28 4 International Milan 1491426161028 Sports Images | View Atlas | (4/13) forwarded to micro Bomilituo and Palacio helpless kickoff Cheap Real Madrid Long Sleeve Shirt Beijing time at 4:00 on the November 27, 14 of the Serie A this season rounds of a contest at Tartini Stadium home game against Inter Milan from Parma, relying the local striker the Sansone within the goals, Parma 1-0 Inter showdown, and continuation of the past three seasons for the Blue The Black Legion unbeaten record, while the European Union and League four victorious Inter still not able to take advantage of the opportunity Juventus defeat looming gap with the top of the list, and have actually Naples and Florence overtake the fell standings. [More] Since the first day of the current round of the focus of the war, the Milan through controversial penalty home beat the poor state Juventus, Inter Milan if we can take away from the Tartini pitch 3 points will Bianconeri between integral narrow the gap to 1 point. However, just as predicted by the Italian media before the game, Inter the Tour of Emilia Romagna is not smooth sailing, who have the last laugh after the blue-black and yellow-blue confrontation ended, West Rama Johnny also become following Mu Li Niao and Leonardo, an away win Parma Cheap MILNER 12/13 Jersey Inter coach in May 2008, Inter Milan beat Parma can not sit Nerazzurri dump on Mancini. Lack Cassano Inter the few offensive end approach, top scorer Milito and Jin Jilun consecutive goals Palacio was very close attention to the opponent, there is no way to play all the combat effectiveness Gargano Muding Kay defensive midfielder in the absence the Nerazzurri midfielder interception capability decreased, the Parma teenager the Sansone within the goals is to take advantage of Inter Milan in the backcourt convergence problems exposed in his the process of long-range attacks, or small melon Lin Juan are not able to complete the intercept and even foul. The field after losing, the gap between Inter Milan and Juventus remained at 4 points, in order to overtake the Bianconeri before the arrival of Christmas, the difficulty has been significantly increased, although Inter next round opponent ever to play to send points lad Palermo However, Naples and Lazio are next to hoe; Juve In addition to the 1st of the following month suffered in the derby showdown Turin next three opponents Palermo, Atlanta, and Cagliari difficult to stop Bianconeri pace of progress. Inter Milan Cheap Chamberlain Arsenal 2012-2013 Home Jersey 3 the victorious (negative Atlanta, flat Cagliari negative Parma) gave the opportunity behind to Naples and Florence overtake the current round of the guest Stadium Naples Shengailiya Although the scene down to leeward, but still rely on midfield core Hamsik scored 1-0 away victory from Sardinia, nearly four unbeaten (two wins and two draws) Serie Blues've got 30 points, two points advantage Inter behind from Juve just right close; guest Turin, Florence twice backward twice equalized 2-2 draw with newly promoted Turin, although reluctantly suspended four-game winning streak of the pace, but Viola since road loss to Inter eight unbeaten (6 wins, 2 draws), showing amazing jump up the momentum of the current round of Harding Park, they also rely on goal difference advantage to overwhelm the Inter board standings position. 14 cruised to the Serie A leaders Juventus with four inter gap of only 4 League journey in 2012 left the end of the four cases, Juventus, Naples, Florence, and Inter Milan 4 balls The team may have to get the Christmas champion Juventus last season, thriving situation has gradually been anybody's game trend is replaced, which is at the chaos Monster Beats NFL Teams of the Serie A, is a good thing. 4 attached top the rest of the league this year, against Juventus: home of Turin, away to Palermo, at home against Atlanta, away to Cagliari in Naples: Pescara at home and away against Inter at home to Bologna away to Siena, Florence: at home to Sampdoria, away to Rome, at home to Siena, away to Palermo Inter Milan: at home to Palermo, at home to Naples, away to Lazio at home to Genoa lost to Parma Inter nearly three league 1 level 2 negative, 3-1 straight from long ago 10-game winning streak into today's situation, Inter can be described as the speed of light to fall. Number in three weeks ago, Juventus, Inter Milan 3-1 perfect reversal to create a series of brilliant record: official competition ten consecutive victories away ten consecutive victories. Tonight just three weeks after the the Tartini course Parma, that a series of records have vanished, but the evolution of numerous league three draws and 2 losses (1), the road to their third straight. Short span of three weeks, the Nerazzurri experiencing defeat from heaven to hell, Inter exactly how? Cheap Valencia Manchester United Home Shirt 2012-13 This is undoubtedly the hearts of all doubt. Serie A this season, 14 of a contest commenced at Tartini Stadium, the home game against Inter Milan from Parma, relying the local striker the Sansone within the goals Parma 1-0 Inter showdown continues past three seasons on the Nerazzurri's unbeaten record, while the European Union and League four victorious Inter still could not defeat opportunity to take advantage of Juventus looming gap with the top of the list, and have actually Naples and Florence overtake the dropped Standings fourth. Chiellini right calf muscle injury has not healed, the ability to participate in the Turin derby is not easy to say, just back Pepe is the inflammation of the left thigh muscle, but fortunately not serious. Local time on the evening of November 26, Juventus announced through the official website Chiellini and Pepe's injury, still recovering from the absence of the Battle of San Siro Italy defender right calf muscle injury, whether to participate in Sunday Turin derby is not easy to say; former Udinese winger is picking up an injury, but fortunately was not seriously injured. Chiellini Juventus and the Italian national team's Cheap Vidic Manchester United Away Shirt 2012-13 main absolute, continuous campaign to finally let the Hud too much, life and death battle in the week with Chelsea's Champions League, the Italian defender in the defensive the other offensive players injured, the game is not over ahead of departure . After the game check the table 明基耶利尼 right calf muscle, and thus he missed the focus of the war of the last round of the league with Milan. You Wenguan Netcom divisions Chiellini latest injury, the player's right calf muscle injury has not yet healed, and inflammation. Training in order to avoid further deterioration of the injury Monday Chiellini did not participate in joint training, just upper body strength exercises in the gym, the ability to play on Sunday with Turin's city war to be questionable. `With Chiellini situation, Pepe comeback against Lazio, left thigh muscle old wounds at inflammation, former Udinese winger Training, thigh muscles felt discomfort ultrasound followed Futunatuo clinics check, the results show that the players thigh muscles do not strain, just old wounds at the inflammation. Insurance purposes Pepe will miss the team training on Tuesday, he participated in the derby was also uncertain.

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