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Income ranking of Forbes NBA players that Kobe Bryant topped James 2

Posted Jan 25 2013 6:08am

Beijing on January 24, the U.S. "Forbes" reported in last season's NBA [microblogging] shut down an important reason is that the bosses want to be able to take this opportunity to cut the salaries of the players. Although the final results showed that the majority of NBA players salary has indeed declined, but the superstar who is still very high wages. According to statistics, the total maximum of 10 players wearing wholesale soccer jersey  in the NBA this season annual income, who won nearly $ 340 million (including salary and endorsement fees), of which 7 were from New York, Los Angeles and Chicago Club, and another two were from Miami Free income tax.
Today's undoubtedly the NBA's highest-paid player - Kobe Bryant this year, he earned a total of $ 59.8 million, including endorsement fees, which his Lakers [microblogging] team salary of $ 27.8 million, this figure than row players in second place seven million U.S. dollars higher. NBA collective bargaining agreement which provides for the individual player's salary can not exceed the team salary cap (which is $ 58 million) of 35%, but the players can also sign salary reached 105% in the previous year of the contract, even if it exceeds the salary cap. Course, Bryant is an absolute part of a special case, he has played 17 years for the Lakers, despite at least 34 years of age, his game is still maintained at a high level. The final result is: Kobe Bryant has several times with the Lakers signed a maximum contract.
As an NBA superstar Kobe Bryant is also the darling in the eyes of advertisers. As a spokesman for Nike, Coca-Cola, Turkish Airlines, Mercedes - Benz internationally renowned company, he commercial contracts valued at approximately $ 32 million annually. Especially in China, Bryant's popularity is very high. It is said that the number of Bryant's shoes sold in China is almost twice that in the United States.
[Microblogging] team, the Miami Heat star LeBron - James in the the players personal income rankings ranked second, with annual revenues of $ 57.6 million. Had to switch to Heat, James received a salary less the contract, but the advantage of a lower tax rate in Florida, and Miami round of his championship dream.
In November last year, the NBA officially announced James wholesale soccer jersey sales ranked first in the league. The same as large companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung and McDonald's spokesperson, James's annual advertising revenue up to $ 40 million.
Ranked third in the "Forbes" announced NBA players on personal income rankings, the Bulls Derrick - Ross [microblogging]. In addition to the huge contract with the Bulls signed a five-year $ 95 million worth of Ross signed with Adidas for a period of 13 years $ 100 million $ 85 million endorsement contract.
"In this day and age, the athlete is difficult through the sales of sports equipment to the company return on investment." Named Matt - Powell's sports of soccer uniforms  analyst said, "but such as LeBron - James and Derek - Ross star is different, they were not just endorsement the sneakers so simple, but also to become the soul of the brand. "
It is worth mentioning that Bryant in the Lakers two teammates also named to the Top. Dwight - Howard, ranked No. 8, with an annual income of $ 26.5 million. I remember when, "World of Warcraft" was also the NBA star one of the most market appeal, but due to his performance late in Magic (regardless of the pitch and off), so the market potential to be greatly affected, Coca-Cola and McDonald's, the two companies have chosen to break up the partnership and his is the best example. Lakers Spanish striker Paul - Gasol ranked 10 With annual revenues of $ 21.5 million, of which $ 19 million salary to get his Lakers.

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