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I've been researching on the internet for soccer camps should i be using a different approach?

Posted by Polina M.

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Reaching Out. That's a good start the internet is a great way to find the teams or soccer camps you need to tryout for. You need to be on a team and be around the scouts, to get discovered and your talent exposed to the public media. If you can work to support your self while you are not earning pro bucks it's helpful talk with your coaches to help find a job that keeps you in touch with your dream to be a pro remember you need to have something to fall back on a plan ?B? such as sports medicine, physical therapy or even equipment manager here in California soccer is big we have several pro, semi pro, college teams even grade school. Eat well stay away of junk food or fast food eat plenty of fruits and vegetables drink lots of tap water stay away from bottle water and get lots of rest take vitamins supplements the ones the U.S. Olympians use look into it ( ) and don't give up but most importantly say your prayers ask the Holy Sprit to show you his way God Bless . Marv.B
Ask around. On things like this I almost always go with the recommendation of someone else. You just get so much more information from someone who has been there (or whose kids have been there). Plus, by asking around where you are, you may find a nearby location. Good luck!
You need to play for a well known club team in order to be seen by coaches. I do not know how old you are but if you want to play college soccer and then move onto pro soccer you will need to be seen my playing on a very well known club soccer team. These teams usually go to tournaments where college coaches go to view them. In addition, it is all about promoting yourself and emailing coaches showing that your interested in playing for them. Hope this helps!
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