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I'm heeeere...*cries weakly* lol.

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:00am
Hey guys,

Tonight was the closest I've come to straying significantly with my eating. After the 3rd time my windows program crashed, all willpower went out the window and my old food cravings came back. Its funny how it all came back after such a long time. I was just SOOO incredibly fed up and wanted to eat the frustration away. Instead....I took a deep breath and had a spoonful of frozen yogurt. The fourth time it crashed I went and cut up a watermelon and ate a quarter of the thing. Now I feel totally bloated...but hey...rather be bloated on watermelon than junk food and candy. YAY NSV!! I was thinking as I was sitting here so angry and frustrated ....I have been OP now for 66 days....there is NO WAY I'm giving that up. It is an amazing accomplishment and nothing will get in my way. Nothing. I'm not kidding when I say in my headline...This is it. I know I'll be successful this time. I don't think....hmmm well will be. If you think you can do something you can, right?

So...not the most exciting post in the world, but on a positive note....I feel myself getting stronger...mentally. The old me was weak and couldn't deal with tough times. Food was my helped me deal with stress and unhappiness. Well...not anymore. The longer I stick with this, the easier it becomes. It really is becoming a lifestyle thing. Aaahhh, feels good.

I'll be back tomorrow with food and exercise details, but for bed is screaming my name. Cannot, cannot wait.
Sweet dreams!
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