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goals, goals and more goals!

Posted Jun 19 2009 12:00am
Hello my loves!

I hope you're having a fabulous week. I am completely exhausted but happy that the week is done. This time next week I'll be on summer holidays...halla-bloody-lujah!

So....I kinda have some big news....hmmmm how do I put this.....


I'll just say it....


I'M IN THE 50's!!!!!! Wot Wot!

WOO HOO 'Holler' Yell....*fireworks going off in the distance*!!!!!

I don't know how...I don't know why...but this is what I saw on the scale this morning. I missed the shot of me jumping off the scale in glee!

I've been thinking...I need a big goal. I mean a BIG goal. The 5k is great but really....I'm sure I can do it...I'm in alright shape. I need something to keep me motivated. I was thinking today of a cool thing that I can do to celebrate my *fingers crossed* goal around September/October. This is about how long I think it'll take for me to reach my 20% fat goal...around 139ish. So what did I come up with???? ahem...THIS...
See that long thing in the middle?? Thats the CN Tower...the World's tallest free standing structure...hmmm ok...the 2nd after some tower in Dubai...but regardless...its big. There are a couple of opportunities to climb the tower every year, but one is in October...October 25th to be exact. I want to climb the towers 1776 steps. I mean can't be worse than Fuji right? I think you have to be part of a corporation to do it which I guess I could do it with a bunch of teachers. I don't think its possible, but to be honest, I'd much rather climb it with you guys!

Can you imagine that? I'd love to see if Tiffany's twin-ness is the same in real life, what Julie and Rebecca are like together, how tiny Susan and Syl really are...and maybe check out the Brits...Emma...Starfish and Liz's accents, fly Alea in from Switzerland....amongst SOOO many others. There are so many awesome people who read my blog...I have no idea who some of you are either...I just look at all the cool places you're from....King of Prussia, Zurich, Hastings, Pitt Meadows, names! lol nice to see you're visiting guys. Anyway, seriously if you guys are ever know...on the Oct 24th weekend or something...I totally challenge you to a CN tower off! lol

In food news...since I was out all last night I had to eat out at lunch.....I went to Wendys AGAIN. As I was standing in line I noticed the Nutritional Info posted at the counter...good for you Wendys! I was SHOCKED to see that the Chicken BLT salad had 27 grams of fat! Hellooooo, what is my bf talking about? There is no way that baby is 7 points. I tried to check it on my points-tracker and it didn't even fit on the scale...and that goes up to 12 points! I ended up getting the Chicken Mandarin Salad instead. It was really, really good. So good in fact, that I was a piglet and didn't take a pic of it! You'll have to settle for a internet pic instead.

This is a great choice if you have to eat on the run. Only 3 points for the salad and then if you add the almonds and noodles another 5, but I only had a little of each. SO good. Today I treated myself to a FROSTY! I figure I have to enter the real world soon enough. I got the smallest frosty on the menu...a was still 4 points. Check the thing out! It is sitting next to a MEDIUM sized drink. All the women at work got frosty's that were the medium size. Can you imagine the points?? You know in the past I could have easily finished off a frosty that size, but I'm learning to appreciate small portions. That tiny little frosty was small...but satisfying. They say your tastebubs only register the first few bites anyway and the rest is kinda I'm happy to savour those few bites. It was a damn good frosty guys!

Ok everyone...well...I'm off to bed soon. I have a busy weekend ahead of me! I'm meeting my friends in Guelph tomorrow to give my engaged friend her wedding gift. We're also having dinner and a movie of course. (I'll be checking points ahead of time)

Then on Sunday...I'm attending a SUPER fun event...heres a hint....ahem...."oh oh oooh oh oh....oh oh oooh oh" Lets see if you can figure that out. Only the Kewlist kids can I think!! lol
See ya tomorrow!
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