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goals, goals, and more goals

Posted May 24 2009 12:00am
Hey guys,

So I've been thinking a lot lately about some future goals. I have been working really hard in the past few weeks because of my friend's upcoming wedding. However...once that wedding is done...I need something to keep me going.
Anyway, after much are my weight goals for the summer...

June 1st weigh-in --------------- 163 pounds
July 3rd wedding weight --------- 155 pounds
August 1st weight ---------------- 149 pounds
August 31st weight --------------- 142 pounds (finally weigh less than the BF!!)

I think those goals are pretty good and more importantly realistic. I don't expect the kind of weight loss that I've had in the past few weeks because I won't have the same kind of routine over the summer...(and there is the tiny issue of the 2 vacations), but still...I KNOW I can reach these goals.

In other news, I have been keeping up with my bikini progress shots and I think I'll show you guys the pics when I lose 30 pounds. I can already see a difference with the 15 pound pics, so I'm sure 30 pounds will be even better. At first I thought...I must be crazy, but rather than being embarassed, I should be proud, because these pics show how far I've come. Besides, geez we're all in the same boat. lol! 30 pounds will also mark the (approximate) half-way point of my weight loss! So there you go! Something for you to look forward to!! Should be interesting!

This week has been a weird one. I know I sometimes say that I haven't lost, but this week I really think I haven't. If I'm lucky I'll reach my 10% goal of 166.6, but I think there will be minimal loss. Thats ok! it will be great to reach my 10% goal. I think last week has been a lesson to learn from. I did a few things wrong...I ate way too little, I ate right before bed sometimes in order to get in my calories. I also worked out quite a bit less than usual. Yesterday at my friends place I ate quite a bit more than usual (while still staying within my points), but it don't think it worked. This is the point where I usually give up, but you guys can't let me!!! lol. I am just going to have to bust my butt this week to get to 163 for my next weigh in!

This weekend I bought a couple of things that you may be interested to see. One of them is the new Wii Active personal trainer. I gave it a try this morning and its pretty good! I still think that nothing will compare with group exercise classes, but this is something that I can do now and then to change things up. The program is definitely way more of a workout than wii fit. I like that includes resistance training. It definitely made me sweat so thats a good thing.

The last thing I bought this weekend was my dress for a party next month. I think this dress is super cute and dressy enough. I remember seeing it in the store last year but I couldn't fit into it. This is kinda weird because I think I weighed the same as last summer, but hey? who fits now.
Hope you guys have a great night...I'm getting mentally prepared for an intense week of work!
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