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Goals, goals and more goals.

Posted May 12 2009 12:00am
Hello :)
Just first wanted to say...thanks guys for all your comments. I never expected when I first started blogging that anyone would even read it...but people actually do! Kewl. I really appreciate all your support!

I also wanted to let you know that today I actually went out in a pair of pants that I haven't worn since last summer when I was in Ecuador. These pants above! It's not like I even love them, but I do love that they fit now! They are a size 12, so I must officially be back in a 12. Woo hoo! I can't wait to throw them away lol....and you know I'm only going to do that when they are too next month? lol...I hope.

Today I had the day off for an important appointment, however this morning I STILL woke up at the usual time to go spinning, which I gave myself a small pat on the back for, because lets face it....normal people sleep in on a day off. After my appointment, I came home and bummed around on the net....this is when I saw Natasha's post and started really thinking about my health even more. I had planned on just watching bad TV movies for the rest of the day, but instead I took my sorry butt up off the couch and onto my treadmill....and guess what Natasha....I completed my first 25 mins of the couch to 5K challenge. Basically....I'm IN! I really enjoyed myself....I can do this!!! It's about time too, because my treadmill has not been getting enough use this past year. Ahem as you can see. (Thats my dog,  btw)

I really enjoyed my first little run...ok so it wasn't super hard....but it was a start! Look at my treadmill...its right INSIDE my house....right beside the window...right in front of the TV. I have NO more excuses. As I was running today I made a decision. I'm not just going to train for a 5K in order to get exercise and lose weight...I'm going to actually train to RUN a 5K.

I started thinking today....wouldn't it be cool if we were to meet up at some point and run a 5K together? Is it do-able? What if the couch to 5K challenge had an actual 5K at the end of it? It's a way of looking after our bodies....and getting slimmer at the same time! And once we conquer the 5K.....we train for the 10K....and then we climb the CN tower....the list is endless.

 Today I bought a couple of things for running. A cheesy looking fanny pack typey thing with a pedometer build in.. come on! I don't want to carry water and my IPOD in my this "fanny pack" is I also bought a digital watch so I can time myself when I run outside. I was going to buy one of those heart rate monitor watches...but is it necessary?
Finally I downloaded all of the Coach to 5K podcasts onto my IPOD!!! Whoo hoo. I love these podcasts! The guy actually tells you when to run and when to walk AND it comes with awesome know the trancey dancey stuff that I love!
Happy running people!
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