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Engagement Part deux!

Posted Dec 29 2009 12:00am
Hi peeps!!!

WOW thanks for the amazing messages!!! So nice to see how excited you all are.  Geez we haven't even told my bf's family yet...we will on Saturday, so feel honoured! lol.

Ok...some of you asked for more details, so I'm adding them now.

First up...the ring!! Ok so I'm actually not a jewelry person (weird I know), so whenever we have talked about it in the past I've always said...please buy me a fake diamond because I couldn't care less..I'd rather go on a trip somewhere with the backpacking around India...swoon...that would be fab.  I also asked him to just get something simple because again...I'm not into the flashy, materialistic thing and I wouldn't want to wear some blood-diamond style diamond.  So not cool.  (Ok...sorry, sorry....I'm a do-gooder type)  Anyway, he followed the simple part which is nice, but its a real diamond...boooo! lol

Nah, its actually really nice....but it has to be resized due to my ET like fingers, so I can't really wear it yet.

Here is the adorable sign he made on the ceiling.  It was a lot more impressive glowing in the dark, but you get the idea. 

And here are the roses....right next to my NEW cookbook shelf in the kitchen...I'll show you the new kitchen another day.

I promise I'll give you a tour of the kitchen soon!

As you know I have been really good lately, but this has put an added natural motivation on things! I am SOOOO determined to reach the 50's next week that eating badly hasn't even been an option. In the spirit of using up everything in the fridge, today I used up all my blueberries by having a DELISH purple monster.  Thats right...PURPLE.  Green (Spinach) + Blue (Blueberries) = Purple.  It was good! A bit lumpy, but good.  PLUS....I got to use up food.  My new goal lately.

That was pretty much all I ate all day coz...I guess I was excited or  We went out for sushi tonight to celebrate and it was SHAMELESS.  THIS was positioned on my table for everyone to see.  I mean really...I couldn't care less what people think.  I gotta GOAL sista!

I did not eat a single thing until I looked it up and recorded it first.  A bit anal sure, but I stayed within my fact, I had some for a yummy Starbucks Latte (skim milk of course) after.
So here is a glimpse into my dinner! YUM

And yum again...omg...I LURVE spider rolls...only one for me though.

And then a little more..

The waitress kept looking at what I was writing, but meh, she was a she would understand.
Overall AWESOME night and great NSV since this was an 'all you can eat' place.  It's nice to leave a place like this not feeling like a stuffed piglet!
Anyhooo...hope you like the updates!

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