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does a ligament tear heal all by itself ???

Posted by pacifier

My MRI rpt shows 'partial ligament tear' & i'v been asked to attend about 3 months of physio sessions.Will i require a sugery after that ??? what are my chances of playing football and when ???
       p.s: its already been 4 months now . i was resting this long
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i don't have a answer but wen you get one can you email me cause i have the same problem but for my running i tore a ligament in my rist and i want to no if it will require surgery or not heres my email
Did you see an orthopedic doctor for your knee? They would have told you whether the tear is bad enough where you will need surgery or if it is okay to just rest and let it heal on your own. I have torn both of my acl's and have gotten surgeries. I can still play soccer so your doctor should be able to advise you in your situation.
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