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Posted Mar 21 2013 5:54am
News:Blatter: alone Platini opposes door line technology is the Real Madrid fans 

March 19, FIFA president Sepp Blatter Spain "Aspen" interview, he expressed the views of many hot topics, he said that people from all walks of life to support the use of the gate line, except Europe UEFA President Michel Platini opposes. In addition, Blatter also admitted that he is a Real Madrid fan. "Aspen Daily": Blatter criticized Platini against the gate line technical interview first start from the 2014 World Cup topics Blatter first spoke of defending champions Spain needed to participate in the qualifiers Speaking: "We are at the end of the World Cup in France After making this change, if the defending champion is not playing qualifiers, that up to four years time, they will have nothing to do I know the gravity of the situation in the group stage of the Spanish team, but even if the second group, there are additional tournament opportunities. "There is no any Spanish television has bought the broadcast rights for the 2014 World Cup, Blatter expressed:" televised sales is not a simple thing, I think, when the Spanish team made the World Cup qualification Spanish operators will buy Brazil World Cup broadcast rights. "when asked about whether the Confederations Cup Blatter delighted, Blatter said:" The Confederations Cup is not just a rehearsal before the World Cup, it is more a championship is very important, we will see a world champion Spain and Brazil, Italy, Uruguay, the world strong teams participating. "Blatter also said that the World Cup finals in South Schalke 04 Jersey Africa (Spain VS Netherlands) is a game he watched the replay . Blatter also expressed the hope to one day be able to cancel the penalty shootout: "From my personal point of view, I hope that one day no longer have the World Cup final penalty shootout, football is a team sport, and the penalty is one-on-one televised favorite point ball, which can make the ratings increased Blatter hope next year after the end of the World Cup, a Spanish player to win the Golden Globe: "I do not have the Golden Globe voting rights, I can only recommend Xavi and Casillas to win Prince of Asturias Award. Confederations Cup will use advanced gate line technology to avoid misjudgment, Blatter said UEFA president Michel Platini opposes this technology: "FIFA and UEFA have not differences and do not want to use the gate line technology only Michel Platini, FIFA, professional two referees, players are supported, only Michel Platini opposes, but I think things will change, I can confirm the Confederations Cup there will be 'Hawkeye'. "Blatter said it would continue to increase penalties for racist and, at the same time he also said the Confederations Cup and the World Cup will increase the drug testing efforts. FIFA canceled Barcelona six youth players to qualify for the issue, Blatter said: "FIFA have detailed provisions, including changes in State of the players parents between 16-18 years of age, whether a player transfer There are many conditions such as home address. 1511 young Chelsea Away Shirts players to join the club of the EU countries in 2011, only 11% of the people can be treated as a professional player. "Blatter also said FIFA proportion of female employees continued to increase . Finally, the Aspen Daily News "Question:" I heard that you are the loyal fans of Real Madrid, it is true? "Blatter replied:" Yes, I am a Real Madrid fan, very faithful Di - Christi Fano took me to become a Real Madrid fans, that time I was a visitor I was young, I play football, always served '9 ', Di - Di Stefano with my idol when I returned home club the Inter nearly two years rpm, once the team changed uniforms throughout the season are the white jersey! I will never forget the encounter Di - Di Stefano band that day, that the 1970s. " will: purchase 21 only 5 the successful reconstruction signings mixed the past two seasons, plagued by the financial crisis, the Inter sharp drop in investment in the transfer market, even profitable, while the overall quality is also higher than in 2010 previously declined, Juan, melon forest, Cassano, Palacio, and Handanovic become rare in the success of the blue-black new aid, and examples of failure abound but also responsible for the team turn Council Matters technical director Blanca condemned. Transfer income and expenditure: expenditures for the past three years, up to reconstruction effect is not obvious but from the view of the past two seasons, Inter transfer its upward Discount Custom Soccer Jerseys trend, gradually turned away from the main profit model to sell. 2011-12 season, Inter's total spending in the transfer market was only 39.1 million euros, but revenues also difficult to retrieve the status returned Samp; Zarate Inter to create a personal career lowest single-season goals - -3 ball, be returned in the end of the season also is normal, this season, he basically abandoned by Lazio coach Petkovic; cast wore the World Cup ball aura Fran, the fact Atletico effectiveness last season decline, the data for the single-season 20 games two goals in Inter let his fame to make funeral. If Natan results only continue after the buy-out of the home team did not always get the chance to perform Viviano adrift; Maicon successor is deemed just mediocre; touted as the new Henry Castelnuovo Mourinho total on behalf of the Inter came off the bench eight times, and was sent back to the Eredivisie to join Twente, the Dutch star this season scoring output again on the double. Last summer transfer window to join the Sylvester Muding Kay as a defender and midfielder position absolute reinforcements, but the former three-guard and four-guard formation conversion disoriented, the latter because of serious injuries early reimbursement. Winter window to cast the former Lazio captain Tommaso Rocchi played 331 minutes total crop failure, the Milito substitute? Is a joke! The focus transfer: Fran into parallel Alvarez lost although expensive for the golden goal winner of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, but Cheap Football Shirt a continuous campaign of heavy charge, he was over 30 the strikers veteran status lower Atletico farewell season league into the ball production they dropped to 8, which is less than double-digit single-season league goals for the first time since the 2004-05 season. But Inter is still the Uruguay famous high expectations. Fran identified restore state at least be able to join forces with Milito to shoulder the scoring responsibilities, to make up for Eto'o departure left blank. But do not want to, but it did not, 5 million euros to join Fran in 4 times the entire season injury, recuperate the total length of more than three months, we can only accept negotiation termination with the dismal data two goals 20 games, results, fought Brazil arena joined the Porto Alegre international. Fran this is Inter sell Eto'o before the transfer deadline temporary grip to substitute, but styled results often just sicker, and Inter Milan's Missing Gun chaos to be in this season's winter window continuation Milito seriously injured Inter transfer department completely thrown off balance, Blanca was once invited to injury in the body of the Norwegian center Carew accept workout, have become the industry a laugh talk. Signings one as Inter younger transformation, Alvarez joined the beginning of the team as well as fans placed a lot of hope, however, in two seasons, Alvarez fresh wonderful performance. This season Argentine teenager played 18 games, and only scored two goals and contributed two assists, and the performance is not satisfactory.

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