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Casey dizzy! Shoupao Qiu case Cheap Manchester United Shirts 645 game to the opponent

Posted Nov 25 2012 7:56am

645 on behalf of Real Madrid play, Casey tied the the Santillana record side by side in team history 3. But in this very memorable milestone night, Casey, with the team tasted the sour taste of defeat. Real Madrid vs Real Betis, 645 Casey on behalf of the white army battle, tying Santillana tied for third in team history the number of appearances on the list. This should be a very memorable milestone night, Casillas failed to harvest a victory, he withstood the blow of defeat along with his teammates. Sports Photo Center | View Atlas | (8/14) forwarded to the microblogging Mourinho comfort Ramos 05:00 am Beijing time on November 25 (local time 22:00 on the 24th), the 2012-13 season started a focal point of the La Liga Championship Ruiz - Lopera stadium, Real Madrid away to Real Betis. Home team by virtue of the Beni Yate's broke a 1-0 victory over visiting Real Madrid Benzema in the game scored two Troy Polamalu Nike Elite Jersey goals but was whistled for offside in the advanced ball invalid. Real Madrid 5 game winning streak to swallow 3 defeat in the league this season, still eight points behind Barcelona in the case of more than a game. [More] September 12, 1999, Casillas in the league game against Athletic Bilbao match completed on behalf of Real Madrid's first show, and since then, he has gradually become the first choice goalkeeper of Real Madrid, and gradually grow into the white army leaders, as well as captain, and along with the team embrace by many other honors: Champions League, five La Liga titles, 4 West Super Cup and the King's Cup, European Super Cup and the Club World Cup each. Casey has become a Real Madrid living legend, today's game against Betis, Casey once again usher in a milestone moment - 645 on behalf of the Real Madrid played. But I never thought this night endless for Iker terms is sour, opening just Barcelona Shirts 2012-13 16 minutes, Real Madrid the goalkeeper guarded by the city to declare the fall. The home team throws the the frontcourt left sideline ball, the the siege direct the ball kicked Dimaliya the closed top, the Beni Yate Qiuhou get rid of Khedira defensive, right foot low shot goal left corner, Casey is this far behind, 1 -0! This scene is not think a lot of people before the game. Is not difficult to see from the slow motion replays, fell to the ground Cepu Casillas has been doing all they could, but the other angle shot too tricky ball too fast, shengkaxi vertical avatar difficult to stop the ball flying into the net nest. He also does not have the responsibility of the tablets conceded negative much, Dimaliya Oolong assists, Khedira of marking is not tight is key to lose the ball, "Marca said they live:" Di Mary and Khedira close ranks with the main team to send gift. "most of Mike Webster Steelers #52 White Jersey the time of the full match Real Madrid are maintained pursuers gesture, has maintained pressure Betis gates, but it has been unable to score in the score back to the same starting line. Seeing the team less than Jiugong, captain Iker Casillas mentality also some impatience, Shoupao Qiu direct throw the opponent, siege mistakenly kicked the guard at the foot of ... you can imagine such scenes lenses of some Ray will always sound known Casey for you? The home team goalkeeper Adrian today was a very eye-catching, the whole game he flutter high-low block sent eight saves, like Casey, only 2 times. Team lose, is smaller than their 6-year-old epigenetic after blasting Casey on behalf of Real Madrid played in 645 games, the process and the outcome can not be allowed to Heart. Of course, Casey is concerned the game is not really anything, the temporary play disorders does not mean he would have been kept in such a bad state. Cheap Monster Beats Solo As Real Madrid captain and defensive line the last bulwark of the body burden of Casey heavy, he is needed as soon as possible to come out from the shadow of defeat, more effort led his unit forward. Redknapp intend to introduce Beckham to help QPR avoid relegation, how to persuade Beckham to give up more scenery to joining the foreign team QPR coach facing the biggest problem. Last night, Redknapp witnessed in the Old Trafford stands his QPR 3-1 Manchester United, smart Redknapp did not choose the command of the game is correct, but QPR's relegation important task of this The former Tottenham manager can not escape, "Mirror" revealed Redknapp has been playing the idea of ??Beckham, hoping to acquire the U.S. Major League players to help QPR relegation. Mirror: Redknapp wants Beckham to help QPR avoid relegation Sports Images | View Atlas | (1/30) forwarded to the microblogging everything is bitter hastily infinite sorrow. Flower wins this year, last year's Cheap Rafael Manchester United Home Shirt 2012-13 red. Unfortunately, the next year to spend the better known and with whom? Beckham Los Angeles Galaxy is about to leave, regardless of where the next stop in the hope that he will be able to enjoy football happiness. Beckham has announced that he will bid farewell to Los Angeles after the finals of the U.S. Major League, for which the most recent period has been a stream of names former England captain's transfer rumors from Paris Saint-Germain, Qatar, Brazil, China and even Russia, everywhere the team wants to buy the 37-year-old heartthrob able to cope with the high level of competition. Obviously, because QPR is currently ranked the Premiership last, how to persuade Beckham to give up to join the international team as QPR relegation Redknapp to persuade Beckham's major problem, while the Premiership also reported that West Ham want to buy Beckham news, while West Ham are now ranked in the league 7, no matter how say are Premiership upstream Cheap Scholes Manchester United Away Shirt 2012-13 team, and West Ham in London, in the geographical advantages of no worse than QPR . However, Beckham and Redknapp a good personal friend, last season've been the Tottenham training for some time in order to maintain the status Redknapp on praising Beckham's professionalism, and he would want in 2011 month loan Beckham, and now QPR boss Fernandez will vigorously support the the Redknapp acquisition Beckham's decision, because he would also like to acquire the former Manchester United star last year, if Redknapp Beckham, he will and Cesar Seoul, Park Ji-Sung, Wright - Phillips, Granero more than gas players to help the team avoid relegation. Redknapp also planned to dig the foundation of his former club Tottenham, his fancy Dawson and Emmanuel Adebayor, but Boas agreed to let the two men leaving the team will be a question, especially the latter, This season Tottenham before deciding to the buyout from Manchester City, I am afraid not immediately let him go.

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