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Calanca: did not take the best Mussina happy Cheap Real Madrid Home Shirt C Luo madman was always misunderstood

Posted Nov 17 2012 3:03am

Calanca refused to answer the club whether support C Lo, he also admits Mourinho La Liga did not get the best coach but happy. 05:00 (local time 22:00) the evening of the 17th Beijing time on November 18, 12 of a focus on events of the 2012/13 season will start competing at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Real Madrid sits at home to usher in Bilbao challenges . Before Real Madrid assistant coach calanca instead of Mourinho attended the conference, in the face of an interview he said that Mourinho did not get the La Liga the best coach but happy. Calanca Turning first game rivals Athletic Bilbao tomorrow, he said: "opponents in the league for a long time is a bad deal, even though they suffered a lot of injuries, but they are still full of competition force. "reporter asked" C Luo whether the club will be support, the Carancahua playing the Tai Chi: "I will not answer your question. everyone know C Luo in the team." He continued: "C Luo unhappy? Mourinho said, some issues do not need to answer, we are clear that the C-mean to us." Then he admits Real Madrid on the 7th game will be played tomorrow: "C Luo play was replaced because it really hurt badly. tomorrow he will return and continue to play the best state. "Navarro playing the evil, New Football Shirt the Real Madrid Fushuai bluntly evidence. Guardiola beat Mourinho was elected the best coach in La Liga last season controversy, this Mourinho's assistant, said: "We discussed this issue but Mourinho glad he did not award-winning." Aye Sim unwell, Carancahua also talked about the current situation of Ghanaians in particular: "Essien last game in all positions, outstanding performance, and now we have gradually won back the squad of those wounded." and against Levante especially when Real Madrid's performance after the game has been criticized, he said: "foreign criticism and praise does not affect our judgment on players, and we understand their efforts." participated in the conference that morning, calanca accepted an exclusive interview with Real Madrid sponsor Bwin interview he talked about Mourinho: "the best in this industry who worked with called an honor to start from the youth team to the sudden and Real Madrid as well as the world's best coach to work with really a bit weird. addition to work, I have to go to try to understand the way he coached, enjoy the feeling with him the most interesting, I begin to understand Mourinho I really want to say is, I every day to work with him, he has a wealth of experience, and not many people really know him. "Then he comes to C Lo, he believes that the Real Madrid star headed New Home MESSI Barcelona Shirt Mu handsome total misunderstanding:" I talking about Mourinho, C Luo also has not been truly understand. has C Luo is our lucky his level of professionalism and even personality are very important as a professional player, but as an ordinary person, he is every day to improve their addition, he would like teammates, his desire to win and try to change the whole team. "reporter asked a player if he can enter now Real Madrid starting 11 calanca no positive answer: "Football has been very different past. I was lucky in one owns Ramos, Pepe outstanding defender of the team in the office, I think they are the best in the world. Guevara has a bright future, Albiol Spain striker, he got the World Cup. Carvalho perhaps no longer in the best condition, but in the past he has proven himself to be a top defender in the world. "in" Aspen Daily News " public opinion polls, 63% of the Real Madrid fans think C Luo vexatious. Levante coach Martinez, the C Luo Ming Bai he just David - Navarro accidental injury. C Lo is not happy! C Luo did not rule out the possibility of leaving the team! "Aspen Daily" yesterday's headlines, immediately triggered a Spanish football Madrid VS Athletic Bilbao Real Madrid injury Iguassu (defender) due to (striker) Marcelo Bilbao suspended Germany - Marcos (avant-garde) Christmas gifts Indre (avant-garde) injury Niagara preta (avant-garde) the Ai Jizha (defender) injury suspected Inigo - Perez (guard) last round Real Madrid 2-1 guests breathtaking beat Levante special Cristiano Ronaldo and Ozil two major injuries, they missed a week in the national team tournament, good news from injury in time to be able to play the game in Bilbao. defender Bertrand Cohen also back from injury, plus weekly slander Benzema more Mussina face of the league and Champions League front row should be no problem. the wounded aspects Higuain is not yet back from injury and Marcelo, still need to reply. Osasuna vs Malaga Osa Lama He (avant-garde) Masood (avant-garde) Pune Yar (avant-garde) Nino (striker) injury doubt plug Huda (avant-garde) Malaga Osasuna suspended Amen Ballesteros (avant-garde) injury injury Bapu Di Batista (striker) injury suspected Monreal (defender) Valencia VS Espanyol Valencia parked Saixisuoke, (guard) injury Piatti (avant-garde), Mathieu (defender) Joao - Perret pull (guard) Canales (avant-garde) injury suspect Fernando Gago (avant-garde) Valdes (striker) the Spaniards stopped 赛斯图亚尼 (forward) injury Harvey - Lopez (defender) Deportivo La Coruna vs Levan Te Lake the suspended leather Qi (avant-garde) injury Salomao (avant-garde) the Nelson - Oliveira (striker) Levante injury Dudka (defender) injury suspected Diop (avant-garde) plug Vallarta VS Mallorca the Celta stop 赛卡布拉尔 (defender) injury Sa (avant-garde) Samuel (defender) injury suspected the Joao Obinna (avant-garde) Mallorca injury - Victor ( avant-garde) Nunez (guard) Antonio Cheap Manchester City Jersey - Lopez (defender), Javier David - Marcos (avant-garde) Alvaro (striker) Dos Santos (avant-garde) Getafe the VS 巴拉多利德赫 TAAFFEITE injury - Abraham (defender) Valladolid injury Serrano (avant-garde) Walieente (defender) injury suspected Ebert (avant-garde) vs Atletico Madrid Granada, Granada injury F Rico No Sevilla vs Real Betis Sevilla injury Perotti (avant-garde) Troy Hoff (avant-garde) Romero (avant-garde) Atletico Chomsky (avant-garde) Betis injury Sergio - (guard) Zulutuzha, vergara (the Rodriguez (avant-garde) Real Sociedad vs. Rayo Vallecano, Real Sociedad injury Gelieziman (avant-garde) avant-garde) Ailusidun multi (avant-garde) Cadamuro (avant-garde) Rayo Vallecano injury Rodriguez (guard) La Liga 12 war around the corner, the Real Madrid line of the generals wounded soldiers shouted in regression Barcelona midfielder because people suspended injuries had sent a purely technical. Liga 12 is about to go to war, good news for Real Madrid harvest, C Ronaldo, Ozil, Benzema and Cohen Bertrand many other generals back from injury, they rush to the rescue team in a timely manner to the starting line. Barcelona because Busquets suspended Song back injury may have discharged a purely technical midfielder Vilanova Barcelona VS Zaragoza Barcelona (433) Valdes / Alves, Mascherano, Pique, Alba / Harvey Fabregas, Iniesta / Pedro, Messi, Villa Zaragoza (4231) Roberto / Gonzalez again earthquake. Following the sad Door event after, C Luo has once again become a similar negative the protagonist of the message, in accordance with the "Aspen", C Luo Cheap Gibbs Arsenal 2012-2013 Home Jersey Mourinho and Real Madrid fans are satisfied, but the Real Madrid executives are not satisfied. senior Real Madrid on their own is not enough support in the C Luo seems, he and did not get Messi in Barcelona protection efforts. senior Real Madrid did not stop media attacks in Madrid C Ronaldo, Florentino did not accompany him to participate in the UEFA Golden Globe Awards, Real Madrid did not even because David - Nava Luo elbowing C Luo and accused Levante defender. role of various factors, C Luo was very upset, he did not rule out the possibility of the team of the season Moli C Luo threatened to leave Real Madrid news is enough to make everyone stunned, seemingly scenery unlimited, recently led Real Madrid gradually overwhelm Barcelona's C Lo actually want to leave, whether it is for a raise or dissatisfaction within the team atmosphere, the move myself under a great deal of infamy and even treat him as a savior of the Real Madrid fans also had to sigh loudly: this in downtown Which? people always think that today's C Luo mature enough, is no longer the same as in the past, people always think that opportunistic they fell to the ground flopping Today, C Luo has like leaders, like leaders ball team, but, to the last, it was found that he still that Cheap PATO AC Milan Home Shirt 2012-13 emotions never hide the C Luo, is the uncontested Luo C Luo is that Angels & Demons coexist a C Lo C Lo Should dissatisfied? "Aspen" opinion polls. survey results show that the C Luo this "playfully" and did not get the support of the fans and the fans to support C Luo is only 37%, oppose him up to 63 %. C Luo took Real Madrid in the history of the highest paid, he is the only team who have unlimited fire power, more than 60% of the fans think he vexatious Real Madrid against Levante, C David - Nava Lo and a cubit and severely beaten David - Navarro after the game declared intention to whom, to C Lo sent an apology SMS Spanish Football Federation no additional punishment on his Madrid media this angry, Levante coach Martinez gives his view: "This is an accident, a lot of this kind of thing in the history of football. Since C - they did not say anything, then obviously he and Real Madrid believe that this is just an accident, not a deliberate act. "After a lapse of 45 days, in the Champions League in his left elbow dislocated departure Puyol finally returned from injury, Vilanova hinted at the press conference, Barcelona strongest Puyol + Pique combination or against Sa La Gesa starting moving in unison.

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