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Borriello hope to turn weapon around

Posted Mar 02 2013 7:16am
Rome home against Genoa in the Serie A on 27 game. Recent two-game winning streak as soon as the Rome competition cup-tied situation big turn. If defeated Genoa, Rome and have the chance narrow what exactly difference with # 3.

Aspect One: Andreazzoli led his unit into the impact of three consecutively

By succeed Zeman helm Rome, Andreazzoli led his unit to 3 to cope with two wins then one loss. Beat Juventus, Rome redouble their efforts to strike Atlanta last weekend. 40 points on the championship, Rome 26 war # 8. However, Rome with Three Lazio difference 7 points, with # 5 Inter Gucci Sunglasses difference 4 points. Serie 12 left Rome will have a chance to enter in the European arena with the league. This weekend in Serie A, AC Milan and Lazio to get around the athletic field, and has to stop lost for your impact for the war in Europe eligibility for Rome, the house and property game against Genoa. In the event you beat Genoa, Rome is required to contract 3 points difference.

Aspect Two: Totti and De Rossi suspended end comeback

Game away win last week in Atlanta, Rome snow war reversal to win. Rome because of it season is terrible at kicking about Boss Sunglasses the wind the ball, a bad one weather combat, the remarkable achievement. Specific with the process, the the Rome performance will never be ideal, especially the offensive Totti suspended. Missing Totti the frontcourt organizations scheduling convergence, Roman offensive lack technique. No more your property game against Genoa, Totti suspended last week comeback, they're a Roman offensive guarantee. At this point shock as to, Totti has scored nine goals and 10 assists. In that season, the earliest leg of the game with Genoa, Totti scored an important factor goal.

Aspect Three: Borriello and Bertone Lacy, designed to turn weapon around

Genoa has a lot of Burberry Sunglasses Roman enemy inside array, to illustrate: Bertone Lacy, Borriello and Bovo. Bertone Lacy and Bovo is the product in the youth academy of Rome, Rome still has a co-ownership Bertone Lacy. Just before the closure of this transfer market last summer, Borriello to lease the method to join Genoa, Rome still bear piece of his salary. Away against Rome last week, the trio is predicted being too starting. , Borriello at the moment has scored seven goals in assists twice, The Bertone Lacy scored three goals and four assists, two key players are Genoa offensive. Next year, Bertone Lacy had holes through Rome's goal.

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