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Boateng + Muntari transfiguration midfield new nuclear

Posted Feb 25 2013 3:46am
The controversial "black and hard" aesthetics of violence, gave the red and black coach Allegri walk at the edge of the class, however, feel incredible, all this and have now seen dramatic changes. Since the game has a level of God to play against Barcelona, ??Milan challenge city rivals Inter Milan, Boateng and Muntari brings new surprises to the fans again, "Ghana Spear has turned Milan midfielder new nuclear assume the heavy responsibility Rossoneri attack.

The loss of a large number of players, the two teams unfavorable start to the season, now only struggling for Champions League qualification, former popular Milan derby has almost become a hanging wire and Bo. However, even the "the hanging wire Legion loggerheads, but there are some bright spots. A matter of contention three games, a matter of a campaign of revenge, the Rossoneri a debut began looking for the opportunity to pierce each other heart, people just did not expect this LV Sunglasses moment actually came so fast! Race to 20 minutes, then Inter attack, Boateng steals drop pass restricted immediately after succeeded the Shaarawy outer instep Tuishe the break, the Ghana midfield with Pharaoh jointly directed the Rossoneri goals!

It is worth mentioning that the weeks the highly anticipated "Earth Battle Milan vs. Barcelona Champions League key battle, Boateng has ignited the passion of the San Siro with a goal, Ghana in the 57th minute in creating chaos in the left foot volley fire to break the deadlock at the same time knocking on the door of victory for the Rossoneri. The game face city rivals Inter Milan, Boateng once again demonstrated their own desire to scoring, but unfortunately this time not as so lucky against Barcelona. 47 minutes Montolivo kick pass, Boateng before nodding the ball from the center, the ball just wide.

This season, Boateng after attacking midfielder, winger, winger midfielder position changes, but always can not reply black oakley sunglasses to the mighty state of last season, on the contrary because frequency radio waves suffered criticism against Barcelona Ghana scored a goal against Catania. However, since broke the La Liga giants, Boateng state began to gradually return to the game in the game in his good attack, and continue to try to contribute their strength for the team: played 81 minutes, in addition to more than 1 assists in addition to his pass successfully 47 times 55 times, has spread to four key ball, and this data is also the highest among the audience, in addition to two successful intercept. Two games to pass a shot, Ghana Prince strong return!

In addition to Boateng, Muntari performance as a color. When the Ghanaian midfielder to face former team, played a very active, always on the defensive end dutifully, at the same time he did not try long shots when looking for the break opportunity. Race to 74 minutes, Rayban Sunglasses Montolivo to Milan to win before the games kick opportunity, the ball was after the wall had Muntari then foot shot, unfortunately the ball just wide of the left goal post. The whole game, Muntari pass successfully 42 times 49 times, 2 steals are successful, in addition to two successful intercept.

Prior to that, in the face of the heyday of Barcelona this season, the outside world generally believe that, in the reconstruction phase has just returned to Serie A in the forefront of Milan will be no advantage at all. It was unexpected, but the balance of victory ultimately did not backward side of the La Liga giants contrary Fans ridicule for the hanging wire Legion "Milan has magnificent offensive" Cosmos "at the San Siro disoriented, Hong Heijun surprise is, Boateng and Muntari black and hard "aesthetics of violence. Today, battles city rivals Inter, "black and hard" perfect match is almost the the Rossoneri last laugh. It is composed by sunglasseswholesaleshop 02.25.2013
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