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Benzema 5 goals 6 assists and Higuain declaration of war

Posted Jan 07 2013 7:37am
Who knows, Real Madrid VS Royal Society most recent Year's first battle will kick into such ups and downs, the climax, thrilling large? Lightning break, Adam red fined under Casey came from the bench, the penalty, hat-trick plus a collaboration of elements in everything. Detonated Bernabeu performances! Said Marca postgame Zhefan evaluation gave the incoming ball to get rid of suspense from the game Cristiano Ronaldo ROMNEY USA Soccer Jersey on the wife or husband three minutes, it then is often ignited Real Madrid Year on your path can opener evaluation gave Benzema, that Almighty France, No. 9, that mass shooting around the Year opener meritorious deeds Real Madrid front Pa.

In region for many Spanish media, they can indeed be a Benzema rather striker of Real Madrid VS Real Sociedad. The concepts the primary reason? Higuain sidelined through injury for more than 2 months back. Your little friend pipe for the state of that season was significantly better than Benzema. The scoring efficiency ratio, Higuain scored 1 goal every 111 minutes 150 minutes Benzema won. Throughout the Argentine recuperate, although there's a Morata, but Mourinho has actually been of no confidence in him, Benzema had been a single arrow position on doing my candidate, however the result? Eight weeks Benzema has scored four goals in Peabody, Manchester City, Valladolid and Malaga game! N multimedia improve the Higuain starter forecast excusable, but Mourinho is a believer unique madman or Benzema starters played.

That Real Madrid in the 9th is how to answer customer it? Review his opening under two minutes! Exact opening 87 seconds, Khedira before to field kick sharp drop pass ripped the defense on the Royal Society, the offside Benzema Pato AC Milan Youth Jersey beside empty face of Chile door Bravo, France The Footballer easily break push shot! Dream addition of the year 2013, Real Madrid, Benzema single-handedly made the game live! Marca praised the Frenchman's stunning performance of cans.

Although Benzema five goals from the league the year 2010, but has Valladolid and Malaga) in the continuous participation of three league games (the primary two games, the best three goals of your harvest Linked to points too French state steadily. Nevertheless, not a long time after Benzema Real Madrid lead the park situation some drastic a change in the signs. Adam red delivery point, Casey bench debut Nanzu the equalizer fate; Khedira widen again leading after Prieto chasing a 2-2, good signs and symptoms of some fierce battle in the team.

Moment between Mascalzone, who first took web site whoever will occupy the initiative in the courtroom, Benzema bravely separated itself with Cristiano Ronaldo completed Connection Savior on the play. The 68th minute, Benzema Antonini AC Milan Youth Jersey using the two double team stumbled sent a cross the top end, Cristiano Ronaldo prefer live in . ball reached the restricted left side push shot break! Real Madrid 3-2 again overtake, along with laid the idea towards the final victory. Note assists Benzema 6 record from the league in 2010 in assists, 5 goals 6 assists, scores is not considered bright, but sufficient Almighty.

Game 74 minutes, Higuain replaced Karim Benzema play Frenchman by Bernabeu applause and cheers of a fans, which is the best reward of his performance in this particular game. Frenchman featuring a recent good state on the signal ship to recuperate returning Iguassu challenges: enjoy Bring it on, Objective, i'm not scared of you! It is composed by naballersevenyc 01.07.2013 Tag: Antonini AC Milan Jersey
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