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Barcelona vice coach: Bianzhao Messi not need improvement

Posted Feb 26 2013 3:21am
February 25, assistant coach of Barcelona Yueer Di - Rolla attended King's Cup second leg semi-final of the pre-match press conference. Looking countries Derby, analysis of Real Madrid to talk about Barcelona's tactical change, the topic of Messi and Barcelona home atmosphere, roller gives a personal point of view. Rolla special express the views of the field referee candidates.

Rolla First, said: "Obviously, we must not be relaxed because the first leg away 1-1 score, we will never forget the 2011 King's Cup final you never know Real Madrid will show what they would certainly desperate struggle. and so we were looking forward to the game will be very complicated, but our focus and I always see the difficult Oakley New Arrivals Sunglasses side, difficult to predict the results of the competition. "

The reporter asked roller, in the end Laura replied: "national derby is always difficult and highly competitive. Should be concerned about something in the range of non-sports competitions Difficulties." Another reporter asked about the starting lineup, Rolla replied: "Please Do not guess what kind of team we are, we all know we have been advocating offensive, we are always looking for the goal. "For a reporter Laura talk about lost the ball in the Barcelona first leg before the whistle, Laura replied:" We 've seen problems occur in some occasions, we will endeavor to correct. "

Messi and C Lo war goals is the the national derby focus, reporters questions Oakley Women's Sunglasses at Rolla, Barcelona could be improved roller Earlier remarks whether including Macy. Rolla said this: "Messi good state. Course, not everyone needs to be improved, you and I discuss Macy's out of tune with today's conference."

The field referee Marriner Division law enforcement through the 2011 King's Cup final the game Barcelona 0-1 loss to Real Madrid. Laura says this: "The referee on the nature of all other referee and is no different, but the historical data show that his law enforcement game worse than other referee that King's Cup final and last year's Super Bowl is the example we must wish him good luck. now we want to focus on Real Madrid. "

Laura Camp Nou will determine Barcelona's Oakley Sunglasses Sale future: "As long as we complete the good work at home, will be able to achieve important success this season Excellent last week after losing to Milan, we return home defeated Sevilla this week will usher in an important showdown with Real Madrid at home we need to play on a level the national derby no fluke, small details will decide the cut of suspense. "

Finally, Laura said: "We have reviewed all developed some important Bianzhao, instead of clinging to everything will be based on the development of the game, we have different sets of tactical plans we are very optimistic for the semi-finals full confidence, we respect everyone, but we are not afraid of any man. " It is composed by sunglasseswholesaleshop 02.26.2013
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