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A post dedicated to....OATMEAL!

Posted Sep 07 2009 12:00am
Hey guys,

eek....I'm starting work tomorrow! How am I going to spend the day? Well...noooo, not out and about, but instead cooking up a storm! I'm sure it will actually be fun! You will hear all the results later today. Yesterday I spent the day organizing all my cupboards and fridge.  I donated quite a bit of food to the food bank.  Good for someone else, but also good for me because now I can actually see the food I have.  As I was organizing everything I was full of ideas of things to cook! Hey its in my cupboard so why not!!  The more prepared I am for school the better. 

The first thing I decided to cook was here I am dedicating a whole post to it.  I see my blogger friends making these awesome oatmeal concoctions all the time and I've often wanted to try it.  I often eat instant oatmeal, but never the real stuff.  I think the main reason was that my mom has always made oatmeal so watery and she soaks it overnight, so I thought it was a lot of wrong I was!  It literally takes 4-5 minutes!! Woo hoo...thats nothing.  My oatmeal also came out very thick which was great because thats the way I like it.  When I compared the nutritional information on the packages there actually wasn't a big difference.  The only main difference was that the instant has sodium and sugar whereas the regular has none.

I added to my oatmeal...1/2 a banana, 1 and a half teaspoons of Dark Chocolate dreams (a mix of peanut butter and chocolate) and a few slivered almonds.  The result was pretty darn delish...nice and crunchy.  YUM.  The homemade concoction overall was better as the taste was yummy....chocolate and banana hello! It was nice and crunchy and it was bigger than my instant oatmeal.  I still think instant oatmeal is a great choice...hey if its that or a donut...the choice is simple! ...but if you have the time, non-instant is better. 

I get a lot of my food ideas from fellow bloggers.  The Dark Chocolate Dreams was one such food.  Back when I bought it I didn't really get why it was so good, but now, after months of learning about food, I understand.  Dark Chocolate Dreams has very few ingredients...its very simple.  Whats more is I know what all the ingredients are...there aren't any weird sounding chemicals...which is good.  Basically this is a pretty natural food.  It is like my beloved Nutella...but a little more simple and lower in sugar. 
I think getting healthy is a process.  You can't go overnight from eating donuts at breakfast to eating something like this.  For me anyway, its taken a while.  I started off eating Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches to bagels to instant oatmeal to smoothies to this.  The goal is to keep getting better and better. I think its too overwhelming to change too quickly...which is something I learned in my goal to give up meat completely...way too much too fast.  One day...maybe, but for now I'm just trying to eat less meat by trying more tofu.

Anyway is my oatmeal!  It was better than it might look lol! My head is spinning with ideas...maybe next time I'll add cinnamon...maybe cooked apples...we'll see.  I keep hearing people talk about using steel cut oats rather than rolled oats so I'd love to hear if you've tried both. What is the major difference?

Overall this worked out to 4 points.  I'd love to know how other bloggers keep the points down with this, because I think the points can really add up.  This is twice the amount of points as instant oatmeal, but I'm feeling super full! I'm going to keep track of how long it keeps me full! Finally for those of you who want to make it but aren't sure if your family will like bf (a picky eater) really liked it!   I had this with a cup of green tea....thats two awesome foods in one meal! Try it guys!!

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