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Sober Duke

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I've been clean and sober for over 23 years (in a row!) and have a sincere passion for sharing the ideas, beliefs and principles that began my recovery and have sustained me for these many years.
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Human nature is a bitch!

I'm having a great morning. While out for an early morning walk, it occurred to me how incredibly fortunate I am. I have an amazing wife, two...

Does my recovery piss you off?

I recently received a polite yet angry email from a gentleman named Dean (his last name was included in his email address but for reasons of...

I'm Clean and Sober. Now What?

Let me start by saying that the last 3 years have truly sucked. I was forced to close my business to avoid losing even more money than I already...

The Irony of Strength

I have often heard people speak of not having the strength to remain clean and sober or not having the strength to avoid temptation. While it is...

Is A.A. the only way?

Is completing the 12 steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous program the only way to achieve and keep a life free of drugs and alcohol? I’m going to...

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