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Snowy Vegan

I am a joyful vegan living in Alaska! In addition to cooking delicious vegan food, I work at an animal shelter and love to hike, snowshoe, knit, read, and practice yoga.
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Vegan Danskos!

Maybe it's like this other places, but it seems like just about every woman up here in Alaska owns at least one pair of Dansko clogs,...

Long Overdue

Greetings from chilly Alaska! It's been a few months since my last post and ten months since I decided to turn my life upside down. A...

I get paid to bake!!

Hello hello! I have been having an awesome time at the lodge here in Denali National Park. I was originally hired to work as a housekeeper, but...

Denali is awesome! I'm back ...

Denali is awesome! I'm back in town for a brief supply trip after spending just three days at the lodge, and I already want to go back! At...

Hello, My Lovelies!

I know, I know! I haven't updated this blog in forever! I've been out galavanting and just haven't gotten around to it. So here's the scoop I...

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